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Recent content by Jason

  1. Jason

    The 5 most underrated qualities of a Forex trader

    and basically put: The concept of trading forex can be hard to wrap your head around. Here's how it works: Currencies are always traded in pairs, such as the Euro and the U.S. dollar. When you trade forex, you always buy one currency and sell another (which is why currencies are also always...
  2. Jason

    Secrets To Successful Trading

    Totally agreed I tend to stick to eurgbp, eurcad and usdchf
  3. Jason

    Hi all.

    Hello! I’m also relatively new here, I like the look of this forum.
  4. Jason

    8 Solid Tips That Will Help Beginners Succeed As Forex Traders

    The world of finance continues to be shaken up with more and more financial instruments that allow smart individuals to spread their wealth over time. Apart from your standard stocks, another tried and tested financial instrument that stands strong to this day is foreign exchange. Forex trading...
  5. Jason

    EUR/USD, buy

    I agree - got in at 1.1614ish and expecting eurusd to rise to at least 1.1780s
  6. Jason

    Daily Market Analysis from NordFX

    EURUSD - do you think this pair will go up or down this coming Monday?
  7. Victims Cry Out As Forex Trading Company Owners Flee With Clients’ Billions of Naira In Lagos

    four management members of staff of the company - Mr Jubril Adetunji, Mr Adetokunbo Olamide Collins, Mr Innocent Clement, and Mr Olawoyin Hakeem have disappeared into thin air, locking their offices and leaving investors in shock. A forex trading and cryptocurrency trading company, Headway...
  8. Jason

    Trading signals and tips from AZAforex

    I think it is very difficult for newbies to start grading fx profitably without quality forex pairs signals and insights
  9. Jason

    Introduction to Forex Markets

    he term “Forex market” is used very frequently in the media as well as in day to day life. It conjures up an image of a huge historic building somewhere in Canary Wharf or on Wall Street. However, that is not how the Forex market works. This market is unique in many respects and to understand...
  10. Jason

    A nice swing low for USD/CHF..look out

    usd/chf is one of the more certain pairs! If it comes down to early 0.9220s, I will go long on it.
  11. NZD/CAD - stuck

    I went short on nzdcad around 0.8940s and despite stable and rising oil prices cad does not seem to have much strength? Any one here trade nzd/cad? Any forecasts?
  12. Jason

    Daily Market Analysis from NordFX

    you always provide good FX trading insights and news
  13. Jason

    Signal for MT5 Netting( no hedge system ) accounts. 100% profitable trades!

    what is your vierw on the near-term direction of NZD/CAD? I wernt short at 0.8920 but this pair is now stuck around the .90 mark?