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Recent content by Kristine Christensen

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    How Copy Trading can be a Perfect Start for Beginners

    I don't think a beginner would ever be able to learn about trading if he copied trade. And moreover this method of trading is not 100% guaranteed profitable.
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    Forex Trading: 7 easy forex trading strategies.

    I agree with your point. There is no 100% perfect strategy and traders should choose their trading strategies wisely that also complements their trading style.
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    Who Is The Best Forex Trading Signal Providers?

    I totally agree! These forex trading signal providers are not 100% reliable and also hamper the trading skills. As a trader one should know how to conduct technical analysis.
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    Which Is The Best Reliable Forex Trading Indicators?

    I agree! Using particular indicators depends on the trading strategy a trader is using. A trader should prefer using two or three indicators rather than relying on one indicator so as to be sure about the trade.
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    How to control emotion while trading? You Should Know.

    Most people forget about emotion control while trading. After losing a certain amount, when they look back at their trades, they are shocked to find that they made silly mistakes just because of their emotions at that moment.
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    Know the Benefits of Investing in Forex Market

    The only benefit that matters is profit. If a trader is able to earn good profits in forex due to liquidity, accessibility or any other thing, then there is benefit in investing in forex. If a person is not able to make significant profits and is making losses consistently, he/she will probably...
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    I am new here and am looking for broker recommendations.

    @brentcrawford What are their payment methods? I am looking for a broker with crypto or paypal as a payment method.
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    How you can avoid losing money in forex trading?

    Losses will eventually be there while trading. The thing we can focus on is to make the losses minimal. If we control the loss size to a minimum and work in a way to earn big profits, only then we can avoid loss and stay in an overall profitable position.
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    How to start forex trading with $100 and make money?

    This is a very useful post. Most people open their accounts with a $100 deposit. They wonder how this amount can actually make them more money. This information will help them plan their trading in the right way.
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    What Is Swing Trading And How Does it Work? You Should Know.

    This is very useful information. Thanks for sharing. Swing trading is a trading style that makes use of strong price moves. Also, the time range for this kind of trading may be short term and can last from a few hours to a day, or even a week. It depends on the market and trader.
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    Copy trading way to be profitable

    One can be successful in forex trading by copying the trades of successful forex traders. This is called copy trading and can be done on a lot of different platforms.
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    How to recognize pro trader.

    One can recognize a pro trader by the fact that he is able to make consistent profits, no matter how much money was made or lost before. This also means that he manages to make money in every market condition. This is not possible for an amateur trader because he is unable to handle pressure or...
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    The Importance Of Risk Management In Forex Trading.

    Risk management is the process of identifying and reducing, or eliminating risky or speculative activities. When applied to trading, it can help cut your losses by minimising your exposure to downside risk.
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    What emotions do you encounter the most during trading?

    Forex trading is not for everyone. It takes discipline and patience. And even though the profits are large, many people are tempted to become greedy. I had faced emotions like greed, panic, and loss of control all the time when I started trading. However, by now, I know how to minimise these...
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    How To Become A Successful Forex Traders.

    Controlling emotions is one of the most important skills a forex trader can have. A person who can keep himself cool in a volatile market will be more successful than one who panics and makes rash decisions.
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