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Recent content by LamarKenyon

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    Hi traders .. just a quick introduction about myself

    Hey there! I was looking for someone who uses an anti-indicator approach. Finally I got someone to explain it here! Hope to learn about it from you!
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    What Is Forex Breakout Strategy And How To Use It On Your Trading?

    In forex trading, when the price breaks out of some trading range, it is called a breakout. Large price movements between short times mean high volatility and vice-versa. It is therefore important to follow the right risk management to avoid losses. Traders have to use volatility to their...
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    Forex broker recommendations

    I agree with you, high brokerage hurt a lot, but as you said, it is easier to find brokers with low trading costs these days. I’m currently trading with two such brokers - turnkey forex and traders way. Their trading costs suit me and so does their withdrawal processing time, which never takes...
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    How Important To Join A Good Forex Traders Forum For Profitable Trading ?

    I always recommend all newbies to join a forex forum at the very beginning of their forex trading journey so that they can learn quickly and pick up those things that they find difficult to understand.
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    Best Forex Trading Trend Indicators Explain, Beginners Should Know.

    Thank you for sharing your guide on indicators. I believe that they are so important. Some of them even help in determining the flow of volatility. They work, and I use them with fundamental analysis to get a complete picture of what I need to do and how I will move in the future.
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    Digging Deep Into What Forex Truly Is.

    The Forex market being highly volatile makes it very difficult for anticipating the price movement if the trader doesn’t have required technical skills. Trader might even lose his hard earned money if he is not careful in making his trading plan, calculating the risks and managing them.
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    Hi, everyone.

    Hey guys, the pandemic is still here and the markets are still uncertain. Stay safe and keep your trading accounts safe too.
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    Hello Lens, welcome to this amazing forum. I hope that you have a great time trading and learning. Profits will follow if you develop an understanding of the market.
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    How to Calculate Forex Drawdown?

    The difference between a relative high in the capital minus a relative trough can be used to compute drawdown, which refers to the decline in a trader's capital after a series of losing transactions. Traders usually record this as a percentage of their trading account.
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    Is Forex Trading a Good Way to Make Money - forex beginners

    Although Forex is a terrific way to make money, it should not be your primary focus as a beginner. It takes time, patience, and a lot of research to get to a position to earn consistently.
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    Hi am new here

    Hello. All the best!
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    Hi Everybody, I'm new here :)

    Hi! A warm welcome to the trading platform. Have an awesome journey ahead.
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    Forex Fraud Very Harmful For Forex Traders, How To Protect Yourself From Forex Fraud?

    I agree with you. Foreign Exchange is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. It requires a lot of hard work, practice, dedication, focus, and analytical problem solving skills so that the trader can be able to overcome every difficulty and trade properly. On the other hand, even after months or years of...
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    Beginner requested for suggestions of forex broker platform?

    When I started trading, I looked for a broker with low minimum deposits, fast withdrawal and good customer support. Ended up with turnkey forex, still trading with them.
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    Carry Trading Strategy In Forex, More Profitable For Traders.

    Wow. Well explained using simple words and basic terms. I hope many people find this helpful and actually learn from it. Carry Trading is a quite decent and fair enough trading practice especially for beginner traders who can use this method to save themselves from being prone to risks of high...
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