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Recent content by louisegoodman

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    Good Brokers Selection Tips And Tricks

    I started with MT4 on coinexx and found its UI very easy-to-use. Minimum deposits are also low, you can give them a try.
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    How you can avoid losing money in forex trading?

    I agree that for the purpose of avoiding monetary loss in forex, it's important to do your homework and use a reputable broker.
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    An Introduction to Forex: Forex Trading Tips for Beginners

    Great read! Almost every point that is required to be considered by beginners is there. Just one thing that I wish to add is - understand your funds. It’s essential to calculate expenditures and other savings and then allocate a reasonable amount for forex trading.
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    How To Choose The Best Forex Broker

    Choosing a forex trader contains many criteria, but first, you need to understand your trading style, strategies, and requirements. Then only you can choose the best forex broker who offers you all the services you are looking for.
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    Introduction To Forum.Forex - Money Flow Trading Method along with Risk Management

    I believe that it is beneficial first to check your risk-taking ability. Are you ready to bear a good amount of loss? Then decide your risk management strategy. Remember, “the higher the reward, the greater will be the risk.” Every trader must examine its flow of money, funds available, and...
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    The 5 most underrated qualities of a Forex trader

    Agreeable! A trader who is well-acquainted with the fact that it takes time to become successful at forex trading and can keep patience along the way, is bound to succeed.
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    The 5 most underrated qualities of a Forex trader

    That’s why they say that every trader has a different mindset and trades differently. It’s up to you to find what works for you and follow that. We can have different opinions.
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    The 5 most underrated qualities of a Forex trader

    Yeah, right! We cannot overcome the importance of education and knowledge in a trader’s life. A knowledgeable trader is capable of being more versatile in the forex market.
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    Best Forex Trading Platform

    You could try coinexx, min deposit is $5 and spreads are also low.
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    4 Effective Tips For Beginners To Save Money In Forex Trading

    @Profesor Pips That’s right! Instead of relying on backtesting results, live trading with real capital is a better option. At least, you will get a fair idea of what is happening in the market. Observe your reactions and emotions when you are in the live market and focus on understanding your...
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    Making money with Crypto Arbitrage Tool

    I’m all in for crypto arbitrage tools. I get to optimize the speed of my trades and have been making better profits.
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    Newest Crypto Currency

    Lol! Even I expected to garner some information about a newly launched cryptocurrency. That’s why titles are really important and need to be chosen properly.
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    Currency Trading Like the Banks: Key Points and Top Technical Indicators

    I use moving averages more than any other indicator. It makes it easier to enter and exit trades in the direction of the trend.
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    How To Make It Easy? - Forex Scalping Strategy

    While scalping I ensure that my broker offers tight spreads and the lowest trading costs, I also check the order execution speed because any delays in scalping cost you money.
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    Secrets To Successful Trading

    A trader who knows what he is doing can never fail. Just choose the right path and nothing can stop you from becoming a profitable trader.