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Recent content by rayJ

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    How you can avoid losing money in forex trading?

    Yes! Imagine a scenario where you have an open trade overnight and an important new occurs while you were sleeping or away from you computer. This news spikes the market in the opposite direction to your position and the market runs away against. How would you prevent your capital from being...
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    Beginner requested for suggestions of forex broker platform?

    You can checkout Fxview. They are well regulated and the trading conditions are pretty solid. Commissions are just $2/100k RT.
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    Forex Trading: 7 easy forex trading strategies.

    Moving average crossover and Trend trading are really good ones among these 7 strategies.
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    What emotions do you encounter the most during trading?

    Very nicely written. I think we can agree with all that's mentioned in the list.
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    Forex broker recommendations

    @Noit Can opt for fxview, they are regulated plus only $5 to open with them
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    Hi all.

    Hello Greg, seems like you have dabbled into trading before, how long have you been trading? And welcome to the forum
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    The 5 most underrated qualities of a Forex trader

    Agreeing with you on this :D
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    The 5 most underrated qualities of a Forex trader

    I think first point can be ignored if we focus on the other points which make up the first point.
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    Best Forex Trading Platform

    Fxview would work out well for you. Minimum deposit is only $5, plus commission is $2/RT.
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    Secrets To Successful Trading

    A secret to successful trading is discipline.
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    10 Keys To Successful Trading

    Yes agreed! It is very important to stay disciplined so as not to lose your emotions when you are trading, because the moment you make a mistake, you will be having hard time collecting back the losses you made.
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    Introduction to Forex Markets

    Nice read. Thanks for this.
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    Forex broker recommendations

    Not so sure about this, why dont you opt for some well known regulated forex brokers like fxview, xm or hotforex? My experience with them has been good til now.
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    10 Keys To Successful Trading

    I think this is already applied to pointer 1 in which that we should limit our losses. But yes, that is a good suggest. I think it is same as controlling your emotions to avoid from overtrading just because you got confident in trading.
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    How To Set Trading Goals?

    I always liked the idea of having risk reward to be 2% as the most when it comes to trading. But thank you for sharing the this.
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