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    What Is Entry And Exit Point In Forex Trading? You Should Know.

    The entry and exit points can differ in accordance with the strategy you are using. So, you better don’t restrict your trading decisions based on past performances. Take risks and keep updating your strategy.
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    13 years of experienced forex trader

    It would be nice if you can share some examples of the work done by you for our reference.
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    What are forex signals? How to generate and how they work

    It’s always risky to use forex signals. You can never be sure about who is behind the screen sending you signals, though they are supposed to be sent by professional traders. Since your losses can be someone else’s profits, you better don’t trust such signals.
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    How Risky Investing In Forex Trading, You Should Know?

    It's 100% risky to trade forex. But those who take risks often become the most successful forex traders. But also keep in mind that every situation is not worth taking risks with. Narrow down your options on the basis of your strategy and risk appetite before moving ahead.
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    Introduction to Forex Markets

    You will be putting your real money into something that you will never own physically. This is all a game of trust and if you can't trust anyone or anything with your money, forex trading is not for you.
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    What Is forex spread, and How to calculate it? Beginners need to know.

    Beginners find it difficult to understand the concept of spreads due to their complex nature. I hope that beginners reach this post as the concept has been clarified in a very good way here.
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    How To Control Greed While Trading? You Should Know.

    Traders don't understand the consequences of greed until they face them. New traders are very focussed on making big amounts initially and they believe that by taking so many trades will help them to make money. They become reckless in trading and keep entering and exiting positions without...
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    How to control emotion while trading? You Should Know.

    Beginners are going to find this post very useful. Because the traders who struggle with emotions are mostly beginners. They are not able to suppress their anger, fear or greed, which results in trade losses.
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    Is Forex Trading Expensive?

    Forex trading can be expensive for those who lose because of lack of the basic information. Forex trading does not require any kind of big investment. A trader can start forex trading for an amount as low as $10. It all depends on the trader's knowledge, skills and experience as to how much...
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    Some Small Tips about forex trading.

    Forex trading education can open doors of success for you. It can also save you from taking any unnecessary steps that would lead to obvious losses. When you know what is achievable in the market and what merely is a dream, you don't let your emotions come in and make decisions solely on the...
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    Which Is The Best Reliable Forex Trading Indicators?

    I have been using RSI for quite a long time. Sometimes the signals are correct and sometimes they are far from what actually happens. And now I am planning to use moving averages along with RSI to get confirmation from it so that I reduce the chances of losses to some extent.
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    Successful Forex Traders Story for beginners.

    This inspires me to learn about other people too who have traded well and proved that forex can do amazing things if you invest yourself in it. It is good to know that most of these people started from the bottom and were able to achieve such a great place in forex where their stories are an...
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    How To Make It Easy? - Forex Scalping Strategy

    Since traders have to pay trading costs despite the outcome of the trade, it becomes even more difficult for scalpers who have a very small margin per trade. In order to make up for the losing trade, they have to earn at least double the spreads on winning trades which is only possible if the...
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    What emotions do you encounter the most during trading?

    I mostly feel anger when I lose a trade and then I want to trade again to recover my lost money. But this is the point where I tell my mind to cool down and be patient. Revenge trading can result in even bigger losses. Controlling emotions in this situation can save a lot of money.
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    Know the Benefits of Investing in Forex Market

    Forex trading is a great career to go with if you can handle your excitement in the market. If you are someone who will easily get carried away with the money-making opportunities, it could prove to be a wrong decision.
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