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  1. Insider Trading

    Forex trading probes Citi heading to trial with forex trader New York judge rules lawsuit against bank alleging malicious prosecution is arguable in court Rohan Ramchandani alleges that Citi orchestrated a scheme to deflect the blame for forex-rigging on to him © Charlie Bibby/FT Citigroup...
  2. forum.forex

    How to Trade Forex? - A Beginner's Guide to Forex Trading in 2021

    Forex trading continues to attract thousands of new traders daily, many lured by the low capital requirements and profit potential. Besides being the most popular financial market, it also remains the most underestimated one. There are countless marketing-oriented campaigns, often sponsored by...
  3. forum.forex

    Rely on our Forex Forum Website to Make Smarter Decisions

    Forum.Forex is an online forex trader forum we created to generate new and unique ideas for forex trading. Our forex forum website allows you and our numerous other users to post messages, ideas, tips, and even start a discussion related to forex trading. This is a constant process that keeps...
  4. forum.forex

    Reliable Global Forex Forum for Traders

    Forum.Forex is a credible and reliable online forex trader forum created for traders worldwide. We provide you with the right means to understand all that you need to indulge in forex trading. We know why you are here. With the constant ups and downs in the trading market, you are unsure about...
  5. forum.forex

    Discover Impactful Forex Trading Strategies on our Forum

    Forum. Forex is the best destination for traders looking for forex trading strategies. We are a fast-growing hub of established and emerging traders who love forex trading. Our online forex trader forum welcomes the world to be part of the community and supply the knowledge required to...
  6. GBP/CAD - Scottish Independence?

    Is Scotland heading towards a new independence referendum? Will this cause GBP to crash? Particularly GBP/CAD? Any thoughts?
  7. EUR/GBP (EUR GBP=X) Forex Forum & Discussion

    EUR/GBP Currency Forum / Euro British pound sterling (EUR GBP) Forum Latest Currencies topics, Stock Price and Discussion, EUR/GBP, Currency Trading, Currency Investments EURGBP Forecast, News, and Analysis . Find the latest EUR/GBP (EURGBP=X) forex discussions in the Forex forum. One of the...
  8. EUR/USD (EUR USD=X) Forex Forum & Discussion

    EUR/USD (EUR USD=X) Forex Forum & Discussion EUR/USD Currency Forum / Euro US Dollar (EUR USD) Forum Latest Currencies topics, Stock Price and Discussion, EUR/USD, Currency Trading, Currency Investments EURUSD Forecast, Articles, News, and Analysis. Find the latest EUR/USD (EURUSD=X) forex...
  9. Now long (Buy) GBP/NZD

    We have just entered Long GBP/NZD at 1.8650 target: 1.9015 GBP strength is inevitable given the extensive stimulus from Rushi Sunak; and NZD is sure to be a target of profit-taking having risen to highs not seen since 2018
  10. Why Most Retail Forex Traders Struggle

    Why Most Retail Forex Traders Struggle It is commonly said that retail Forex traders are subject to the 90-90-90 rule: 90% of them lose 90% of their money within 90 days. Although this is a slight exaggeration, the point is nonetheless anchored to the reality that the vast majority of retail...
  11. forum.forex

    23rd August: Forex Forecast: Pairs in Focus

    Analysts tend to be concerned about the persistence of unemployment from earlier closures and restrictions and the economic impact of the reversals of easing which have been imposed in several states. The difference between success and failure in Forex trading is very likely to depend mostly...
  12. EUR/NZD gone Short

    We’ve gone short at 1.8140s - target 1.8070ish for a decent profit. any one else into EUR/NZD?
  13. USD/CAD resistance at 1.3233

    I am in at 1.3237 - massive resistance at 1.3233 - any one also gone Long on USD/CAD?
  14. Scalping (Daytrading)

    Which pair is best for scalping on a daily basis? Any thoughts?
  15. Bought USD/CHF

    We went Long on (Bought Position) at 0.9476 in USD/CHF - we are expecting it to reach 0.9580s fairly soon as the U.S. Dollar $ is coming back into favour as a safe haven... Any one else into this or has experience with Usd/Chf?
  16. EUR/GBP short positions - target 0.8615ish

    We have opened Short (sell) positions in EUR/GBP; target - 0.8615ish in the near term. 🇬🇧 U.K. is more resilient and has much greater economic prospects than the E.U. in the longer-term.
  17. NZD/CHF at 0.5706 - Ready to shoot up?

    We think so, now we are Long (Buy) - target 0.5915 Any views?
  18. Tip - AUD/NZD - good time time to buy in...

    Current price is around 1.0415 (Buy) and we believe this to be a great price to go long (Buy). We think the price will soon reach near 1.05 & and even higher. There may be a further dip but not a dramatic one.
  19. CAD/CHF - profit expected

    We've gone long (Buy) into CAD/CHF at 0.7449 - we anticipate selling (short) at around 0.99/0.75 - CAD is bound to recover soon, and the Swiss Franc we think will weaken. Any feedback anyone? 🙂
  20. About forum.forex

    Forex Traders & Brokers Forum For Forex Market Traders - The Currency Trading Forum The Forex Traders Forum - for all things Forex - currency exchanges, currency trading, commodity currency pairs, education, resources and tutorials