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  1. forum.forex

    Long-term and Short-term Setups

    Interesting analysis.
  2. USD/CAD resistance at 1.3233

    I am in at 1.3237 - massive resistance at 1.3233 - any one also gone Long on USD/CAD?
  3. forum.forex

    Hi, everyone.

    Greetings. Please share you your forex trading insights!
  4. Scalping (Daytrading)

    Which pair is best for scalping on a daily basis? Any thoughts?
  5. forum.forex

    How to check a broker is regulated?

    Where are they based?
  6. forum.forex

    Bought USD/CHF

    We suspect USD/CHF will soon enough rise to over 0.97 - the Swiss are likely to intervene heavily to stop the Swiss Franc appreciating: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/ubs-warns-u-s-will-soon-label-swiss-a-currency-manipulator-1.1468949
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    Confidence is very important

    Why don't you ask tpglobalfx to associate with forum.forex for our mutual growth and benefit?
  8. forum.forex

    what leverage ?

    I would agree
  9. forum.forex

    With the high rates of joblessness

    It’s all about strategy and timing.
  10. Bought USD/CHF

    We went Long on (Bought Position) at 0.9476 in USD/CHF - we are expecting it to reach 0.9580s fairly soon as the U.S. Dollar $ is coming back into favour as a safe haven... Any one else into this or has experience with Usd/Chf?
  11. forum.forex

    Psychology is the most neglected thing

    I agree - I also follow my own strategies, although updates and tips do help.
  12. FX Glossary

    FX Glossary Appreciation - A currency is said to appreciate when its price rises. Arbitrage - The purchase or sale of an instrument and simultaneous taking of an equal and opposite position in a related market, in order to take advantage of small price differentials between markets. Ask (Offer)...
  13. forum.forex

    We aim to make forum.forex into a leading global forex traders forum!

    We aim to make forum.forex into a leading global forex traders forum!
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  15. forum.forex


    Thank you, and welcome to our currency traders forum!
  16. EUR/GBP short positions - target 0.8615ish

    We have opened Short (sell) positions in EUR/GBP; target - 0.8615ish in the near term. 🇬🇧 U.K. is more resilient and has much greater economic prospects than the E.U. in the longer-term.
  17. NZD/CHF at 0.5706 - Ready to shoot up?

    We think so, now we are Long (Buy) - target 0.5915 Any views?