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10 Keys To Successful Trading


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A market traders forum brings together experienced and novice traders in one place to share their thoughts and experiences on trading. There are many such forums available for forex traders all over the internet that share tips and tricks for successful trading.

Today, we bring together the top 10 tips for successful trading that experienced traders have shared in various forums.

10 tips for successful trading from market traders forum

Forex trading is a skill that you need to learn and refine to become a successful trader. You can learn successful trade strategies from several places. Online videos, online trading courses, a market traders forum, or a mentor guiding you through various stages of trading are a few of them.

Here are 10 effective tips that can help you become a successful fx trader:

1. Limit your losses.

To become a successful forex trader, you should be willing to take your profits and not look back. The biggest mistake that many currency traders make is hang on to a position for too long. They like to think that the trade is going to garner 100+ pips and ignore what their trading systems are telling them to do.

Trading systems are in place to help grow your account steadily and limit your losses. By keeping control over your trading account, you can control the amount you are going to profit or lose, becoming a long-term winner.

2. Follow a strict trading plan.

Following a strict trading plan is essential to becoming a successful trader. Your trading plan should have a setup as well as entry and exit. Not following a trading plan is a recipe for failure.

3. Don’t trade more than you can lose.

A trade can go from good to bad in a matter of minutes. Hence, never trade more than you can afford to lose. Despite all the systems, trends, and services, you may still have a bad day sometimes. Stick to your principles regarding money management on your system and you will do well in trading. If your overall bankroll for trading is $50,000, you should not invest more than 2% or 3% in any trade. Huge losses in trading not just hit your financial health but also your confidence in your trading ability.

4. Anticipate different outcomes.

The most successful traders think ahead of their competitors. They look ahead to future events and consider how much the market has or has not priced in an expected outcome. They consider different scenarios that may likely impact the forex market. When the rest of the market is trying to figure out what to do in an unexpected event, a forward-looking trader already has a plan in place.

5. Stay flexible.

Getting emotionally attached to positions can be detrimental to successful trading. Forex trading is not about being right or wrong, it is about maximizing profits and minimizing losses. You should learn to quickly adapt to incoming news and information that may affect the market. You should also be ready to abandon an open position if events run counter to it.

Successful traders are always open to fresh opportunities and ensure they keep sufficient margin to avail of additional positions.

6. Keep up-to-date with the technicals.

Even if you are not pursuing a technical-based trading strategy, you should still be aware of important technical levels in the currency pairs you are trading. Most successful traders use both fundamental and technical analysis in their trading strategies.

7. Identify the market environment.

Successful forex traders are able to assess whether the market will remain confined to ranges and when it is likely to trend. When the market is trending, they go with the flow rather than against it. If the market environment favors range trading, successful traders are able to quickly change gears. They sell at the top of the range when everyone is buying, and buy near the bottom when everyone is selling. A successful forex trader quickly adapts to changing market conditions.

8. Fewer trades are better.

Trading aggressively can be very dangerous. Fewer trades not only save you money but also a lot of headaches. The important thing is to practice control and not be greedy. You should only trade with the best setups with the highest winning probability and never force any trade.

9. Protect your profits

For any successful trader, their priority is to protect their profits. It may involve modifying a stop order or stepping back entirely after a profitable market movement. When a trade is profitable, successful traders focus on keeping what they have made rather than risk it to make slightly more.

10. Don’t forget your stop-loss.

Even the most successful forex traders sometimes lose money. What makes them successful is that they manage their risks and protect their profits. It is crucial to have a stop-loss in place at all times to prevent an everyday losing trade from becoming an account killer.

Becoming a successful trader takes time and practice. These 10 golden trading tips followed by each and every successful trader at any market traders forum can help you on your path to success.


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Money management is the key to being a successful trader. Lose all your capital and you are out of the game. With good money management, it is possible to survive the losses and live to fight another day.

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