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Choosing pairs for trading


Initially it is best to choose one single pair. Spend time to observe that pair as much as you can. Every pair has Its own characteristics. You will find some unique characteristics of that pair. Study them and test them. It's a trail and error process. Once you are well familiar with one pair. You can choose another pair.
One of the most important forex strategy is to think with your mind not with your heart. Emotion can put you in danger in forex market. Another strategy is to pick up a broker which gives a lot facilities in the trading. I use Tpglobalfx for their low spreads, dynamic leverage and quick customer service. They provide tight spreads starts from 0.01 pips. Their maximum leverage is 1:500. They give me 24X5 customer service. So, in my trading career they play an important role.

Michael Ali

New member
Selecting of right pair in trading is so important and this is why I love with FreshForex. They are great to work with having over 130 instruments to select from along with the tight spread and market analysis, it all combines well and allows one to benefit in a very noticeable way.
A trader enter into the forex market to make money. Investing in forex market is very risky. But if you have all knowledge about forex, it will help you to minimize the risk. In forex market there are various types of trader. Some are technical and some are emotional. Their perspectives are also different. Those who trade emotionally can face a big loss. Some traders trade in forex market to make profit quickly.
These greediness put them in danger. There is no place of greediness in forex market. The more you trade patiently, the more possibility to become successful trader. Greed can be the cause of a big loss of your investment. I trade with TP Global FX. With them I trade technically and patiently. So, I earn slowly but make profit consistently.