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Demo vs live


You do not have to worry about losing your money when you are demo trading. your demo account does not demonstrate to you industry standards to manage the sentiment fear. That's why you remain emotions while in demo. But when you come to live trading from demo trading, you brings emotions (the fear of losing and greed more more profit) with you. That's why the result between demo and real account is not the same.
Live account and demo account both are the same operating system. But in demo account there is no need to invest any capital. This is for learning the forex before investing in the market. On the other hand live account needs investment and it is like a real account where profit and loss are genuine.
Demo account is just for the beginner. When a trader become professional he can operate a live account. Demo account is a risk free account. On the other hand live account is full of risk. When I was a newbie I opened a demo account in TP Global FX to learn the basics of forex. After getting all the knowledge I moved to their live account. Now with the help of them I make profit consistently.