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DOW JONES ( US30 ) Record High!


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With the FED Optimism and the CPIs wave from last week, along with some Strong Earnings reports it is really no surprise!

Why are you still on the wrong side of the scale?

Why should everything be complicated when really is not?

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Ok, so how can someone get your signals?

@Amadeus.V You can message my assistant on Telegram ( @joannemalberg ) or ( t.me/joannemalberg) Or once you sign up with our Partners/Broker for free through the Link above and confirm your account the team will assist you with the rest. Next one will come Monday as no serious Investor trades on Friday with the big institutions out
Too much hassle. Can you explain here? Do I need to pay you something?

You asked me for Signals and I explained the process. I already posted a free one on this biased forum full of Brokers and so-called 'traders'.
Some people signed up already which is nice. If you are looking for signals that is the way @Amadeus.V but this broker doesn't accept US/Canadian Citizens if you are one, although they have a license there.

But why do I have to sign up with a broker to get signals? Can't I use the brokers that I am using?
I'm a UK citizen.
Good luck with your broker then my guy. What do you want me to do? Post you free signals here every week?

Nothing good comes for free, besides s*x. Well, some people pay for it of course like Phoenix
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