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FF News: Wet Markets said to 're-open,' says The Wolf, Omar Abdulla?


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“Wet Markets,’ said to re-open as Covid 19, APEX looms, says
The Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. Omar Abdulla…??
by Fatima Noormahomed

(27 April 2020—Sunday Times) The Wolf of Wall Street,
Mr. Omar Abdulla
who spoke from his Beijing home this afternoon,
looped that China has been
opening up slowly with markets starting to see-saw
the Covid 19 pandemic.

“China is opening up slowly whilst the rest of the
world is coming out of
lockdowns and recessions. The Apex of the world
curve is still plateauing,
yet residents are still complaining of depression,
social abuse, and the
brill of not mingling with society.’

The World Health Organization (WHO) faces criticism
from The United States,
South Korea, Italy and Japan after helping hide the numbers
from China initially.
“The United States is withdrawing funding from WHO,
as more countries tend to
claim that WHO director, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,
should resign, amid
the Corona Virus.'

China Daily reported that although the world is slowly
coming out off the lockdowns,
The Chinese wet markets are already starting to open.
“The Virus will just keep on coming back. The Virus originated
from wild animals yet
China fails to learn from their lessons by infecting the world.’

Across the w o r l d, markets are see-sawing awaiting the
‘flattening of the curve,’ with
buyers trying to find the bottom.

“We are looking at buying blue-chip companies at less than
50% of the value less than
three months ago. Our eyes are on companies,
South African Airways, China M0bile,
Vodacom, Pfizer, Sasol, Shell, Primedia Broadcasting,
Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bloomberg,
Shoprite and Wallmart.’
Meanwhile, Microsoft Founder, Mr. Bill Gates noted
that a vaccine was
‘soon on the cards,’ after pharmaceutical companies
were investing into
testing people who had the virus and the testing of

“Hopefully, these treatments could work to fight
against the virus and people
are credited by using these treatments to fight the virus.’

The Omar Abdulla Group which owns shares into Bitcoin SA,
Forex SA, Twitter SA
and Instagram SA, says that his company was eyeing
investments into social media,
energy companies and pharmaceutical shares.
“We are all coming out of our stay at home curfews and markets
will recover this depression
and recession, still remaining verily cautious whilst buying
into these companies.’

President Trump concluded his statement to The New York Times,
that China is to blame for this
‘horrible, terrible,’ virus as the wet markets start to open, Unbelievable!