Forex broker recommendations

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worldwide, there is a huge (and ever-increasing) pool of fx brokers out there to choose an fx broker from, but it all depends on what type of FX broker is acceptable to you; like leverages allowed, the regulatory authority at play, ther country where the FX broker is based and so on... several factors to consider.
Do consider other factors like trading tools and trading platforms too. Low deposits should not be the only reason for choosing a broker.
What are the other factors you're looking at? because min deposit shouldn't be the only criteria for selecting a broker.
Along with low minimum deposit, it would be great if I find a broker who is well-regulated and has low commissions and tight spreads.
One can even consider deposit bonus brokers like finprotrading that offer a 100% deposit bonus and minimum deposits are also low.
I think when traders looking the broker first they need to choose a regulated broker, then trading conditions, spread and commission trading, low spread broker is more beneficial for traders, and then reputation broker, good broker they have so many clients around the world, my recommendation is FXOpen broker, the company is reliable and have more than 15 years experience in the financial market, also as regulated broker true ECN
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