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Hello People!


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Hello Desert Pilot, how to start in forex, suggested to practice use demo account, which it's like as first to introduce the market and new trader, there is so many broker offer demo account, FXOpen included they offer demo ECN. But before I think it good to learn trading strategies that are scattered in the network forex environment, and test them using a demo account. Maybe hard at the beginning, but when found the best way, it will be fun, maybe


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Hi and welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have a background as a good starting point. Look up different trading strategies and stick to one pair, preferably a major one, in the beginning.


Hi, Wow, that’s an interesting background, I think your journey in forex trading won’t be that tough. You could check out different strategies and see which one matches what you’re looking for. Best wishes!


Hi! Welcome to the forum. Complete yoru forex education before you take an actual exam risk. You can join Babypip.com to get started.


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Welcome to the forum! I think it’s best you stick to one pair when starting out. It’ll help you analyse the market better. Good luck!


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Trading forex can be lucrative, but it also comes with a high level of inherent risk. It is in your best interest to get a head start on acquiring market knowledge and then honing those skills. Your knowledge and expertise are the only things that can help you succeed in the market. Therefore, begin by expanding your knowledge and acquiring new skills.


Hi! Welcome to this forum. Please invest your time in learning first. Forex is a different market. Your analysis and psychology needs to be strong if you want to be successful in trading.


Hey, nice to hear from you. Tell us more about you. What made you come into forex?
The only piece of advice I would like to give is that don’t let emotions ruin your career. Be strong, be educated, practise well and only then enter the market.
As you are going to start your journey as a trader, make sure that you take your lessons seriously and don’t look for easy ways of making money. It will take time to make money.


Hi, as a sports trader, why did you choose to trade forex? Do share your experiences. A tip ; stay patient and manage risk well. Best of luck!


Hello, welcome to the forum. How has the journey been so far? Would you like to share any tips? Wishing you luck and patience to trade efficiently. Cheers!


Hello. If you are new to trading, then join Babypips. It’s a great place to learn about the basics of the market. Good luck!


Hello and welcome to the forum. My advice to a beginner would be to prioritise risk management. It is an integral part of forex trading. It is good to see a sports trader moving to forex and I hope your experience in trading would benefit you in the forex market as well. All the best!


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Remember that knowledge is power. Concentrate on increasing your knowledge and expertise. No trading is profitable without it.
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