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How many indicators one should use?


It depends on your trading style and strategy. There is no such rule. Even some people do not use any indicators. They trade based on candlestick pattern. I personally use only VOLUME indicator. My charts are always clean. Sometimes 2/3 support and resistance lines. You have to find out what works for you.
Any trader can get forex education from anywhere. But before starting forex he must know the basic. After knowing basic he should choose a broker which can give him proper guideline. When I started trading I got all my forex education from TP Global FX. They offer a demo account which can be operated as live account.
Any new trader can easily get education by using this demo account full risk free. It will help him to know all techniques of forex practically. It also give facility to put any amount on demo account and any spreads and leverage. Which can be effective to learn about those things. I am still trading with them.
For some people trading is easy, for some people it is very tough. It is fully depend on the knowledge and techniques trader has. If he can do all the trade very sharply it will be very easy to make profit. But those who can't deal the trade simply with their mind they may face difficulties in forex market. Sometimes some trader feels the trade tough just because of their broker. Broker plays an important role in trading. In my trading career, my broker Tpglobalfx helps me to make the trade easy. They give all kind of facilities I want to make my trade.