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How much money to start with


It one's personal decision. If you are an amateur, you can contribute 100 to 200$ for learning reason. When you get enough data and capacities you can extend your wander. Minimum deposit aggregate in like manner changes from broker to broker. You basically need to pick a not too bad broker for your trading.
If you want to know about forex, you can create a demo account under a broker. But remember one thing broker is an important part of the trading. Good broker can give you all the ways of trading and you can easily trade with that demo account. It will help you to know about the forex market practically.
When I started to trade, I also opened a demo account under TP Global FX. They can give opportunity to put any amount you want to invest in the market in your demo account. you can manually set the spreads and leverage in their demo account. It helped me a lot to know briefly about the forex market technically and practically.
As a newbie, you can learn the technique by creating a demo account. It will help you to find out the problem what you are facing while trading. It also helps to reduce your losses and create an opportunity to increase your profit. I also started my trading career through a demo account of Tpglobalfx. Really it helped me to understand my fault in trading.


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In this market place there are almost thousands online broker are available and most of them are found to be scams. So when choosing a broker we have to be in cool mind, please don’t choose a broker in an emotional state, because the broker can affects the result of our trading with certainly.

Michael Ali

New member
It depend on your capability, as if you are good enough then it is better to do through proper planning and strategy. If we manage that right then we can start with higher amount. I find it relatively easier with FreshForex broker giving me 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, so any amount gets boosted.