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How much time need?


You will need that much time in which you can find your trading edge. Some people find it in 6 months, some take many years and some are there who never find their own trading edge. It will depend on your dedication, determination, quest for learning and level of understanding. But i think initially you should take it as part time. Once you find what works for you, you can take it fulltime profession.
Any trader can get forex education from anywhere. But before starting forex he must know the basic. After knowing basic he should choose a broker which can give him proper guideline. When I started trading I got all my forex education from TP Global FX. They offer a demo account which can be operated as live account. Any new trader can easily get education by using this demo account full risk free.
It will help him to know all techniques of forex practically. It also give facility to put any amount on demo account and any spreads and leverage. Which can be effective to learn about those things. I am still trading with them.

Michael Ali

New member
Everyone requires their own level of time and that’s why I prefer working with FreshForex. It’s one of the leading brokers out there with providing wonderful setup that helps us do trading better. From the low spreads to high leverage and many other such features, it makes working simpler for all.
In the forex market, a lot of traders lost their money because of fake or bad brokers. Brokers play an important role in trading. Making profit or having loss is mainly depends on the broker. while choosing a broker, a trader should research properly about the broker. I always trade with Tpglobalfx. Because they give me proper guideline at the time of trading. They also help me to do comfortable trade. So, for me they are perfect broker for me.