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I am new here and am looking for broker recommendations.


New member
Hi traders. I'm a newbie and learning the Forex market. I don't know where to begin. Which broker should I use? Do you have any suggestions?


New member
As you are a beginner I suggest using a demo account first and then you can shift to live trades as you get some familiarity.


New member
I think you can learn forex trading step by step, for guidelines, learn in Babypips school of pipsology, its popular site where so many traders learn about forex education class by class, then choose the broker and learn practice in a demo account, this is important to learn in the demo, make sure in demo already understand how to working, how to manage the risk, etc, if already confidence starts in real trading, suggested to choose micro account cent, its low risk but has own limited.
You should start with a broker like turnkeyforex or liteforex that has low minimum deposit requirements. Micro accounts are a great opportunity for testing real trading account without major financial consequences.