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Kernow Forex - MANAGED GROWTH FUND - Copy Trading Available

Kernow Forex

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Dear Forum Members,

I am a full-time currency trader with six years experience trading live Forex accounts and managing multi-asset, long / short investment portfolios.

This new signal is a long-term project with a target yield of 3 - 5% growth per month *

This is a personal project that will form the basis of my retirement fund, scheduled to be active until April 2032 when I will retire from currency trading.

Please read signal details below.


The signal will use mean reversion trading strategies.

I am looking for price reversals at key supply and demand levels.

Counter-trend trades will be opened when a currency pair price is over-extended and has moved significantly away from its mean value, on the basis that it is expected to return to the mean over time.

Trade opportunities are identified on weekly, daily and 4-hour charts, using a custom combination of moving averages, RSI & Stochastic, in addition to support & resistance levels.

Profits will be taken at key supply and demand zones and are variable.

The signal will adopt and investment-style approach and use a manual grid strategy to obtain the best average entry price.

All grid positions are opened with the same lot size - the signal does NOT use any dangerous Martingale strategies.

This is a completely manual trading strategy, managed by myself 24/5 - there is no automated trading at all.

A maximum of 2 x currency pairs and 12 x individual grid positions may be opened at any one time, which allows for efficient management of drawdown.

There may be extended periods of drawdown with this fund. This is normal for this strategy - The Forex markets reward patient traders.


Copy traders please be aware that this signal does not use any hard stop loss. Risk is managed by strict position sizing in relation to account balance (0.01 lots per £1,000 (or approx. $1,300 USD).

However, there is a soft stop loss at approximately 20% draw-down, whereby individual grid positions may be closed to protect account margin, if necessary.

As Manager of this fund, my goal is to always shoot for profit and so I prefer to hold losing trades until they are profitable, rather than take a loss.

It is recommended to copy this signal for at least 3 - 6 months minimum, to take advantage of medium-term trade opportunities.

However, the goal is to compound for 5+ years and so I would advise to take advantage of this investment opportunity for the long-term.

This is a “set and forget” signal for copy traders that is professionally managed by myself, 5 days a week.

I plan compound profits and retire on this account in future and have “skin in the game” using my own capital. Copy traders rest assured your funds will be managed professionally.

Copy my trades on Signal Start
Copy my trades on MQL5


  • Minimum balance: £1,000 ($1,300 USD)
  • Master account leverage: 1:30
  • Base currency: GBP
  • Position sizing: 0.01 lots per £1,000 ($1,300)
  • Currency pairs: Major, Minor & Cross only

* DISCLAIMER: Although this signal targets 3 - 5% growth per month, this is not guaranteed. The value and income from this fund may fall as well as rise. There is no guarantee that the fund will achieve its objective and you may get back less than you originally invested.
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Kernow Forex

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Kernow Forex - Managed Growth Fund posted a 4.1% gain in its first month of trading.

My target is to achieve around 3 - 5% per month, or 50 - 60% per year and compound the profits over the next 10 years.

This is my personal account and trades can be copied on Signal Start or MQL5 for $39 per month.

Copy trading links in my signature below.

Have a great weekend. :cool:
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Kernow Forex

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Kernow Forex - Managed Growth Fund is currently ranked at #55 on Signal Start.

This is a long-term project that aims for 3 - 5% growth per month, compounding profits for at least the next 10 years.

I welcome copy traders for just $39 per month subscription. Trades can be copied on Signal Start using the link below:

Forex Signals by KERNOW FX MANAGED GROWTH FUND | Signal Start

Signal performance since launch, April 2022:

  • April - 4.5%
  • May (first 2 weeks) - 2.5%
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