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Raidem-bot, Mai 2022


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Raidem was founded in july 2021 by Maxime Konkine
The robot was built by a trader with 15 years experienced and finally was launched in Mai 2022.

Works 24/5
Fast execution and precise
Generate profits automatically

We promise a returns of 6-14% monthly, compounded and drawdown less than 4%!
So double your investment in 5-6 months.

It's free for now so why not give it a try! and see for yourselves!

Here is our site: Raidem | #1 in trading bots
Promo: LUC15 for -15%

discord server will be given after sign up

The history is new because it just started.

Thank you.
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Hello, just a friendly reminder that there is only 10 days left for the zero fee coupon to expired. After that you will need to do a one time payment with the second coupon.


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Profits for month of June

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