Solid ECN Web-Trader MetaTrader 5: Trading Simplified

Discover the future of online trading with Solid ECN's MetaTrader 5 Web Platform. Experience the freedom of trading Forex, exchanges, and futures markets from any browser and operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Our cutting-edge web platform replicates the full range of features from the MetaTrader 5 desktop platform in your web browser. This means you can dive into market analysis, access financial quotes, and execute trades effortlessly without downloads or installations. You can access your account and embark on your trading journey with just a few clicks. ​

Unparalleled Security and Efficiency

Trading on the Solid ECN Web platform is not just about convenience but also security. Rest assured, as every information transmitted is robustly encrypted, ensuring your trading experience is safe and reliable. But that's not all – we're elevating your trading experience with exceptional perks:​
  • 1:1000 Leverage: Amplify your trading potential.
  • 40% Deposit Bonus: Boost your initial investment.
  • Ultra-Fast Execution: Never miss a market opportunity.
  • Negative Balance Protection: Trade with peace of mind, knowing you're protected from negative balances.
  • Refund Policy: We stand by our service with a customer-friendly refund policy.

Start Your Journey with Solid ECN Today

Ready to take your trading to the next level? Open your free account with Solid ECN today and join a world where trading is accessible, secure, and loaded with opportunities. Your path to more innovative, safer, and efficient online trading begins here!​

Unlock a world of opportunities with Solid-Micro Accounts!

Dive into the exciting world of forex trading with Solid-Micro Accounts, where innovation meets Affordability! The minimum trading volume starts from just 0.001 while enjoying trading conditions comparable to standard accounts. Solid-Micro Accounts is the perfect choice for novices and seasoned professionals, offering a golden opportunity to test new trading strategies or Expert Advisors without hefty financial commitments.

✨ Key Features ✨

Minimum Deposit: $5
Minimum Lot: 0.001 lots (100 units)
Leverage: 1:1000

Why Solid-Micro Accounts?

  • Empower Your Trading: Solid-Micro Accounts have got you covered whether you're a beginner eager to explore the forex market or a seasoned pro seeking a testing ground for innovative strategies.​
  • Affordability Redefined: Start your forex journey with as low as $5! Our minimum Deposit opens the doors to a world of possibilities, ensuring that trading is accessible to everyone.​
  • Test and Thrive: Experiment with confidence! With minimum lots at 0.001, you can refine your trading skills, try out new strategies, and unleash the potential of Expert Advisors without breaking the bank.​
Ready to embark on a transformative trading experience? Open a Solid-Micro Account today and enter a realm where your financial aspirations become a reality!
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Trade Without Limits: Solid ECN's Swap-Free Accounts

Discover trading that aligns with your values! Solid ECN accounts are tailor-made for traders who prefer not to engage in transactions involving interest by their religious beliefs. With Solid ECN Securities, you're not just choosing an account but embracing a trading experience that respects your principles.​

Your Gateway to Swap-Free Trading on MT5

Step into swap-free trading with our Solid-Standard and ECN account types on the cutting-edge MT5 platform. We've meticulously crafted these accounts to ensure that you enjoy trading without the burden of swaps or hidden fees. It's transparent, straightforward, and designed to fit seamlessly into your trading strategy.​

Unleash Your Potential with Solid ECN Islamic Accounts

At Solid ECN, we're committed to offering nothing less than the best. Our accounts are a testament to this commitment, bringing you an unrivaled trading infrastructure and lightning-fast execution speeds. These enhancements and essential tools give you the competitive edge to succeed in the dynamic trading world.​

Join Solid ECN today and transform the way you trade!

Experience the Thrill of Live Market Trading with Solid-Standard account!

Welcome to Solid ECN Securities - the ultimate solution crafted for traders who aspire to dive into the dynamic world of professional ECN/STP trading without the burden of fees. Our Solid-Standard account, available exclusively on the MetaTrader 5 platform, seamlessly integrates the best aspects of real-market ECN trading, offering you the advantage of narrow, floating spreads with zero commission charges.

Why settle for less when you can trade like a pro? The Solid-Standard account is your gateway to mastering trading skills in true interbank market conditions while minimizing risk. With a starting deposit as low as $10, you are not just opening an account but unlocking a world of trading opportunities. Trade commission-free and benefit from the adaptability of our tight spreads, which adjust in real-time with market movements.

Join the league of smart traders who make the most out of every market fluctuation. Sign up for a Solid-Standard account today and transform your trading journey!​
Solid ECN: Revolutionizing Forex and Crypto Trading with Transparency and Speed

Solid ECN distinguishes itself as a brokerage that operates independently of market makers, directly pairing traders and directing their orders to liquidity providers. This model positions Solid ECN as a true Electronic Communication Network (ECN) broker, facilitating the use of ECN for client trading activities.

The infrastructure behind Solid ECN is designed for rapid trade execution and offers competitive pricing spreads. This efficiency is coupled with advantages like higher leverage and greater transparency in trading activities.

At Solid ECN, safeguarding client investments is a top priority. We achieve this by segregating client funds from the company's finances, holding them in separate accounts at central global banks.

Our service offers quick access to liquid markets, guaranteeing efficient and prompt order execution. We uphold a policy of transparency, avoiding hidden charges or deceptive tactics. Clients can trade 24/7 in commodities, Forex, and cryptocurrencies through the MetaTrader 5 platform. Our platform supports flexible leverage ranging from 1:1 to 1:1000, aiding in effective risk management. Its rapid order processing and tight spreads make it particularly suitable for scalping. Additionally, we offer hedging options to help protect against inflation or reduce potential losses.

Solid ECN is committed to providing substantial benefits to forex traders worldwide. Our emphasis on market transparency ensures equitable pricing and guards against unfair manipulation.​

Safeguard Your Investments with Solid ECN's Unique Protection

Solid ECN prioritizes trader security, particularly during periods of high market fluctuation. Upholding stringent standards, Solid ECN has introduced the revolutionary Solid-Shield tool, designed to protect traders from incurring negative balances. Solid ECN traders are shielded from owing money, even when faced with extreme market turmoil that might render margin calls and stop-outs ineffective.

Solid-Shield automatically returns a trader's balance to zero if it goes negative after a stop-out. This process is fully automated, ensuring financial safety for traders using Solid ECN's platform.​

Solid ECN - Diverse Trading Account Options

Solid ECN, utilizing the MetaTrader 5 platform, caters to individual and corporate clients with various trading account types for Forex and Derivatives online trading.

This platform accommodates all types of clients, including Retail, affiliates, and White-Label partners, providing access to a range of spreads and liquidity through advanced automated trading platforms. Solid ECN offers unique account choices, allowing clients to customize their trading experience to suit their specific requirements.

Featuring superior trading conditions and rapid execution speeds, Solid ECN equips traders at all levels with the necessary resources and support to achieve their trading objectives.

Solid ECN is designed for every kind of trader, from beginners to seasoned investors, offering a broad selection of account types. Our true ECN accounts provide ultra-tight spreads starting from 0 pips and millisecond transaction times, ensuring optimal pricing through the best bid/ask rates, all backed by top-tier customer support.
%15 Bonus | Swap Free | Raw Spread | Regulated

Solid ECN: Zero Fees on Instant Account Deposits

At Solid ECN, our clients enjoy the benefit of zero commission charges when they add funds to their trading accounts using any payment method.

Typically, payment processors take a commission from the amount transferred to a trading account. However, at Solid ECN, we absorb these transaction fees for our clients, a service we proudly call Solid-Cover! This ensures that our clients immediately receive the total deposit amount in their trading accounts.

Key Benefits:​
  • Immediate Deposit: Quickly add funds to your trading account to seize market opportunities immediately.​
  • Zero Transaction Fees: We don't charge any fees for your transactions.​
  • Total Deposit Value: Get the exact amount you deposit without any deductions, available instantly in your trading account.​

Earn Big with Solid ECN's Affiliate Program

Join the Solid ECN Affiliate Program and tap into one of the world's most rewarding affiliate networks. Leverage your existing traffic to boost your earnings. This affiliate scheme offers unparalleled conversion rates and a comprehensive, lucrative payment structure, ensuring the highest commissions. Trust in Solid ECN as your reliable partner.

Solid ECN enhances its affiliates' efforts by providing advanced technology, support, and customized marketing tools (like banners and widgets) for a seamless and top-notch experience.​
  • Premium Commission Rates​
  • Authentic ECN/STP Processing​
  • Attractive Commission Structure​
  • Worldwide Payment Options​
  • Prompt & Reliable Payments​
  • Promotional Marketing Tools & Great Offers​
  • Around-the-Clock Customer Service​

Trade 250+ Assets with Solid ECN: Diversify Now

Diversified trading is a thoughtful way to protect your investments. Experts and significant investment funds have always advised against putting all your money into just a few options. Instead, they recommend spreading your investments across various assets like commodities, stock indices, and currencies. This approach is a crucial strategy for achieving success in trading.

At Solid ECN, we allow our clients to trade globally using high leverage and minimal spreads. You can assemble your selection of trading options to take advantage of our wide range of products. Our goal is to present our clients with the most sought-after and current trading options, compiling an extensive and constantly updated list of over 250 trading instruments, including:​
  • Forex (Major, Crosses, Minor)​
  • Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum)​
  • Energy (Brent, WTI)​
  • Stock Indices (spot market)​
  • Nasdaq​
  • European Publicly traded companies (Adidas, British American Tobacco, BMW, Airbus, etc.)​
  • Cryptocurrencies (Cardano, Algorand, BNB, Dogecoin, Ripple, etc.)​

Solid ECN Adds 50+ Crypto Payments for Traders.

Solid ECN Securities has expanded its payment options to include over 50 cryptocurrencies. Customers can now fund their accounts using a broad spectrum of cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Zilliqa, accessible through the Solid Dashboard under Account Funding.

This initiative by Solid ECN aims to provide its customers with more economical ways to manage their finances. Due to the rising blockchain transaction fees associated with significant cryptocurrencies, many are exploring alternative options.

Solid ECN enables traders to utilize a diverse array of over 50 cryptocurrency payment methods.​
  • It guarantees security;​
  • It ensures privacy;​
  • It operates on a decentralized system.​
Solid ECN significantly benefits the US, EU, and other regions' forex traders. Its high degree of market transparency eliminates the risk of price manipulation.​

Solid ECN: Affordable Crypto Payments for Traders

Solid ECN has introduced more affordable payment options for its clients. Due to the rising transaction fees of well-known cryptocurrencies, retail traders are exploring other options.

With Solid ECN, traders have access to over 50 cryptocurrency payment methods.​
  • It's secure;​
  • It's private;​
  • It's independent.​
Solid ECN significantly benefits the US, EU, and other forex traders. Its high market transparency ensures that prices cannot be unfairly manipulated.​

Easy Refund Policy: Our Customer Promise

Solid ECN - Online services aren't always perfect, and dealing with money means businesses must be upfront about refunds. At Solid ECN Securities, we respect our customers' rights, so we've created a solid refund policy. Sometimes, refunds are necessary. Customers can ask for their money back if what they got wasn't as promised, didn't work, or if they have a good reason for it.

We aimed to keep our refund rules straightforward, short, and easy to understand, offering our clients peace of mind. We stand by our services, and if something isn't as it was supposed to be, the buyer is entitled to a refund.​

USDJPY Bullish Trend Continuation


Solid ECN - The USDJPY pair is trading above the 23.6% Fibonacci level, around 149.54. The bulls have broken above the 148.8 resistance, signaling a continuation of the bullish trend. The Awesome Oscillator bar turned green in today's trading session, and the RSI indicator also signals bullishness by hovering above the 50 level. Therefore, it is likely that the USDJPY price will see further gains, with the next bullish target potentially being the 151.9 resistance.

The 38.2% Fibonacci level supports the scenario mentioned above. If the USDJPY price falls below this level, the scenario should be invalidated accordingly.

This is a technical analysis perspective, and actual market conditions may vary. Always consider multiple factors when making trading decisions.​

Choosing the Right Trading Platform: Why MetaTrader 5 Stands Out

Solid ECN - In the trading world, only a handful of platforms stand out, and we've zeroed in on the most cutting-edge option available today: MetaTrader 5 (MT5). This choice wasn't made lightly. Unlike what many think, MT5 isn't just a newer version of MT4; it's an entirely different beast. While MT4 was tailor-made for the Forex market, MT5 stepped it up by catering to a broader range of financial instruments, including CFDs, stocks, and futures. This versatility makes MT5 a go-to for traders seeking a more comprehensive tool.

Interestingly, despite its advanced features, we've noticed a shift among traders of all skill levels gravitating towards MT5, even those new to the game. This transition marks a significant moment, with MT5's user base finally surpassing MT4's, signaling a new era in trading platforms.

The Edge of MetaTrader 5: A Deep Dive into Features

MT5 doesn't just win on versatility; it's packed with features that give traders a significant advantage. Let's talk numbers: MT5 boasts 21-time frames, a leap from MT4's nine, providing a granular view of market trends. Regarding pending orders, MT5 retakes the lead with six types, compared to MT4's four, offering more flexibility in trading strategies. One of MT5's standout features is its market depth visibility directly in the chart, a critical tool for assessing market liquidity. It doesn't stop there—MT5 comes equipped with an Economic calendar, enhancing its functionality.

The platform supports both hedging and netting, catering to various trading strategies, and dazzles with 38 technical indicators and unlimited charts for an in-depth analysis. Advanced traders will appreciate MT5's partial order-filling policies and a strategy tester that's faster and more efficient, thanks to its multi-threaded nature.

The Future of Trading Platforms: Embracing MT5

With MetaQuotes signaling the end of MT4 updates, shifting towards MT5 seems prudent and necessary. This move aligns with the evolving needs of the trading community, ensuring access to a platform that's not only more capable but also future-proof. MT5's comprehensive suite of features caters to both seasoned and novice traders, offering an unparalleled trading experience.

This transition to MT5 is more than an upgrade; it's a step towards embracing the future of trading, where versatility, in-depth analysis, and advanced trading tools become the standard. Whether you're already on the MT5 bandwagon or considering your options, the question of which platform suits your trading style is vital. We're curious about your choice and reasons. Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!​

Secure Your Wealth Against Inflation with Solid ECN Solutions

At Solid ECN Securities, we understand inflation's impact on your financial well-being. That's why we're introducing a powerful tool to shield your assets from inflation's uncertainties. With our bespoke multiple-wallet system, you can diversify your savings and investments across the most sought-after currencies and cryptocurrencies, ensuring your wealth is protected and poised for growth.​

Choose Your Safety Net

  • Euro Wallet: Keep your assets in Europe's cornerstone currency.
  • US Dollar Wallet: Save in the world's primary reserve currency.
  • Pound Sterling Wallet: Invest in the historic and stable British currency.
But that's not all. Solid ECN goes beyond traditional security measures by allowing you to trade over 250 products through a Bitcoin-based account in a genuine ECN environment. Whether you're interested in Forex, Commodities, Indices, or cryptocurrencies, Solid ECN provides the ultimate platform for your trading needs.​

Join Solid ECN Today: The Premier Destination for Secure and Diverse Trading

Unlock the door to sophisticated trading where security meets opportunity. Now, open your account with Solid ECN and take the first step towards inflation-proof investment success.​

Free Market Analysis Subscription!

Are you seeking a professional market analysis to help you trade more efficiently? Look no further! The Solid ECN team delivers comprehensive market analysis daily, incorporating fundamental and technical aspects.

We're active on six platforms:

- Website
- Email
- Linkedin
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Facebook

Sign up for a demo account today to receive the latest market updates directly to your inbox. You can also follow us on your favorite social networks to stay informed.

Our in-depth analysis is designed to help our clients trade more efficiently, minimize losses, and quickly identify entry and exit points. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your trading strategy with Solid ECN!​

Solid ECN: Safeguard Assets Amid Inflation

Experience the power of financial security with Solid ECN's innovative solution for inflation! At Solid ECN Securities, we understand your concerns about inflation and have crafted the perfect solution. We offer multiple wallets to our esteemed customers, enabling them to safeguard their assets, investments, and profits in the most sought-after currencies and cryptocurrencies.​
  • Euro Wallet​
  • US Dollar Wallet​
  • Pound Sterling Wallet​
With Solid ECN, you can trade over 250 products using a Bitcoin-based account in a genuine ECN environment! It's time to embrace the future of trading.

Join the Solid ECN family today and discover the best platform for trading Forex, commodities, indices, and currencies. Your journey towards financial growth starts here!​

🔥Get Your Free Market Analysis Subscription Now!🔥

Are you looking for a professional market analysis covering fundamental and technical aspects? Look no further! The Solid ECN team provides top-notch market analysis daily across six platforms:

> Website
> Email
> Linkedin
> Twitter
> Instagram
> Facebook

Sign up for a demo account today and receive the latest market updates in your inbox. You can also stay connected with us on your favorite social networks.

Our comprehensive analysis is designed to help our clients trade more efficiently, minimize losses, and pinpoint the optimal entry and exit points. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your trading strategy with our expert insights.

Join the Solid ECN community today and take your trading to the next level!​

Trade Easily with MetaTrader 5 Web - Solid ECN

The MetaTrader 5 online platform lets you trade Forex, stocks, and futures from any web browser and system, such as Windows, Mac, or Linux. Enjoy the full features of the MetaTrader 5 desktop version directly online without downloading or installing. Analyze market data and execute trades quickly. Log into your account and begin trading with just a few mouse clicks. Web-based trading on this platform is secure, with all transmitted data being fully encrypted.

Enjoy benefits like 1:1000 leverage, a 15% deposit bonus, rapid transaction speeds, protection against negative balances, and our refund policy.​
%15 Bonus | Swap Free | Raw Spread | Regulated
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