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The Benefits and Risks Of Copy Trading


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Traders can use copy trading to make the same moves in the financial markets as other investors.

Copy trading is actually one of the easiest ways to trade because it doesn’t require a broad understanding of market concepts and intricacies but you can still optimise your profits by following expert’s trading decisions.

I won’t deny that there are risks associated with copy trading, but those can be avoided if you carefully choose a trader to follow. As in Zulutrade (the platform which I’m using for copy trading)- there is a feature called zulurank which ranks the traders on the basis of their performance. I mostly use this for picking a trader but those who are interested in analysing a trader on their own can use the advanced filter options to find a trader that’s right fit for their trading goals.


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Copy trading included one way to invest in the forex industry for investor traders. Zulutrade is the one popular social trading platform where investor traders can use copy trading with choosing the best trader to make a profit without confusion to analyze the market. Or investor traders can try to use the PAMM system as another way to invest in the forex industry. The concept is different to copy trading but the goal is the same. The FXOpen blog already released Best PAMM for October maybe investor interest to try.


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The issue with PAMM, though, as far as I'm concerned, is that it cannot teach you anything since it is a mere assetmanagement solution, wherease in copytrading not only you are able to learn from the Provider trades, but also participate in trading yourself, manually closing orders and setting up your own daily S/L limits
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