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The Harmony strategy | Managed accounts

The Harmony strategy

No martingale, grid or averaging elements. Each trade has a stop-loss

Website https://pierstagecapital.com

Pierstage Capital Management is a firm that specializes in developing trading strategies and fund management in the FX market. We have experience in development and trading by using different types of software and trading models: trend following, latency arbitrage, mean reversion, scalping, volatility breakout, range breakout.

Each of the team members has 13-15 years of practical experience in trading, which allowed us to develop a high-quality portfolio of strategies, applying only cutting-edge approaches, without using martingale, grid or averaging elements. We work with individuals and institutional investors from the USA, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore, India etc. We use retail and prime brokers under FINMA, FCA UK, ASIC, CySEC, NFA and other regulations.

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Look goods for investor trader, give the funds to managed by another trader, usually, the manager will take profit sharing or fee investment, in forex trading maybe this is similar with PAMM account trading, where this is like as bridge between professional trader with investor trader, investor trader looking manager funds that work profitable and waiting for profit sharing, with letting the manager fund working trade.
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