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Hello guys, this is my second post in the forum, thanks for letting me contribute, now there's one serious thing i've been noting since the first day i started with trading and that thing is that i've been noticing that is not good to trade with market maker brokers and the reason is because they can MANIPULATE the prices, trust me, the first day i traded i was using XM.com and guess what, i anotated my entrances, i only had 1 open position and then guess what... well at the other day i was stumbed upon they changed my entrances they modified the TAKE PROFIT, the STOP LOSS and the original entrance, the thing is that i lost the trade because they modified everything but FORTUNATELY i took a screenshot of it and told the technical support department they were doing fraud, by that point they told me they weren't doing anything of that and to keep it short they told me that was the original position (WHICH I KNOW IS NOT TRUE BECAUSE LIKE I SAID I TOOK SCREENSHOT), after that i wanted to give another try to FOREX this time i tried with a broker whose name is ICMARKETS https://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=15222 that is an ECN broker that means that your profits are not their losses and their losses are not your profits you are trading with someone real on the market, and i highly suggest you always do this cause otherwise what happened to me could happen to you if you use a market maker broker like XM, to describe everything above in short words my best opinion for novice traders is to always trade with an ECN broker because there's always an interest lying up in the middle betwen market makers and you :)
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