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Scalping focuses on quick trading that can boost your profits. A trader uses this strategy to make a large number of trades in a single day. But it’s important for a trader to use proper money management when using this strategy.


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Scalping trading as short term trading usually take profit in a small number of pips roughly 5 pips to 15 pips in each trade, but in a day they can open multiple order and close only counted in a minute or hour and never hold a position overnight, scalping need supported by the broker with fast speed execution and choose trading pair with low spread.


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Scalping indeed is profitable and requires a good amount of experience. The trader needs to have good and quick decisive power in order to scalp.


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Scalping can be good for beginners too. They can learn a lot from it. The only con is that they will lose some money as commission will have to be paid for a number of transactions per day and a beginner might be losing in many of those transactions.


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When I came to trade in the forex market, I used scalping on a cent account. It turned out to take several points several times a day. In terms of time, it takes a little, but unfortunately, the same is not enough for the money earned. For a beginner, scalping is suitable for the first time, but then you need to move away from it.