Which historical figure is overrated?


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"King Tutankhamun. He is the most well-known pharaoh, but he hardly accomplished anything before he died at age 19. He's only famous because of the amount of treasure that was found in his tomb."

"Paul Revere. He gets almost all the credit for warning of the British invasion, even though he was one of five riders. Reverve was important to American history, but his claim to fame is overrated."

"Steve Jobs and other famous scientists like Elon Musk. They claim they do all the heavy-lifting, but in reality, they have other capable scientists pitch and create innovative products."

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"Princess Diana. She wasn't a bad person — in the context of the British royal family, she was special for how she connected with the public. However, it’s weird how she's almost treated like a saint. The Diana obsession is out of proportion to the reality of who she was."

"Thomas Edison. He didn't really invent anything — his hired team did." The electric light bulb already existed, but Edison had his team test 6,000 materials to create a more practical bulb for homes.

"Gandhi. If you look into his life, he did some really weird things like sleep next to young girls to test his chastity."

"Nelson Mandela. I know people from other countries revere him, but as a South African, I feel differently. All he did was spend years in jail and become president AFTER apartheid ended. I still think he’s a great person, but he's overrated."

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