Why are only 10% of traders successful?


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The popularity of exchange trading is growing rapidly today, but experience shows that only 10% of those who come to trade end up making a profit.

Barrier N°1
Laziness and unwillingness to learn.

To be honest, most people who want to profit from stock trading do not want to learn this. They are sorry for the time it took to master the foundation and practice.

They immediately trade for real money after earning a couple of times on a demo account. And failures for this category of traders are predetermined by their own attitude toward the trading process.

Barrier N°2
Greed and haste.

"Exchange trading will make me a millionaire in just a week," which is completely unrealistic.
Instead of trades with a profit margin of 3-5% and a success rate of 70%, many traders prefer trades with a profit margin of 70% and a success rate of 3-5%. It is not surprising that such transactions do not end well.
At the same time, +10% per month will increase capital very quickly if you trade systematically and do not chase fast super-profits, which always turn into losses.

Barrier N°3
Mismanagement of finances.

Even if there is no significant risk in each individual trade, there is a risk of losing the profits of many previous trades by making one trade for too much.
Equal lots that do not exceed 1% of the deposit are a security guarantee.

Barrier N°4
Too complicated strategy.

A straightforward strategy is preferable to a complex one. It is worthwhile to aim for a yield of 60-70%; this is sufficient to consistently make a profit. The search for a "super strategy" with a 90% return is usually futile, and overly complex systems perform poorly.

Barrier N°5
Wrongly organized trade.

"Professional burnout" and the failures that accompany it frequently haunt those traders who devote a significant amount of time to their work.
It is recommended that you trade for no more than 5 hours per day and complete no more than 1-2 transactions. This will save energy and keep you positive.
Trading with no losses and a consistent income is exactly what you should strive for.

✅Disclaimer: Please be aware of the risks involved in trading. This idea was made for educational purposes only not for financial Investment Purposes.

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Traders are not successful in this market that much just because most of the traders don't have flourished trading strategies. I trade very less let alone 5 trades a day. Even some days go without opening a single trade. On average, I open one or two trades a day. FXOpulence provides all necessary supports to traders including crypto trading facilities.
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