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You can have a favorite currency pair


You can have a favorite currency pair. But favorite does not mean you wil open trade of that pair without proper trade set up. I personally have only one currency pair. I only trade GBPUSD. The benefit of trading one single pair is you can learn every characteristics of that pair. You are able to recognize many patterns that bring money for you.
This question varies from person to person or trader to trader. Some of the trader think that forex is easy, while some think that it is not so easy. According to me, forex is easy if you have all the knowledge about forex. If you know what should do and what shouldn't than forex is easy for you. Those who have little knowledge about forex can face difficulties when they are going to trade. I am also a trader of Tpglobalfx. They help me to make profit and minimize the loss. With the help of them forex becomes easy for me.