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Beginner requested for suggestions of forex broker platform?


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TurnkeyForex is a beginner friendly broker imo, min balance requirement is less plus the customer support is solid.


You can checkout Fxview. They are well regulated and the trading conditions are pretty solid. Commissions are just $2/100k RT.


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When I am searching for a broker for myself, all I care about are the trading costs. I can still manage with other things but if the trading costs are high, I don’t use that broker.


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You can try out Coinexx. As they have a very low minimum balance requirement you can start with a small amount and slowly mark your way up. The trading costs are also pretty reasonable.


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Did you study well to find what your trading requirements are? Because that’s what will help you find the best broker for your needs. Others will only make recommendations on the basis of what worked for them. It may or may not work for you.


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I use FXOpen so far, maybe already more than eight years till now trading with them, they offer three types of account, micro, STP, and ECN, I use an STP account.
I have always preferred ecn accounts, using ecn on turnkeyforex as well. Lower spreads work better for me, even if I have to pay a small commission for it.


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Do check if the broker has a good customer support team. Your broker’s customer support team can make a difference in your trading career.


You will probably have a few features in mind that you want to have in the broker you choose. It would be best if you can let us know what they are so that we can make our suggestions accordingly.


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When you start trading in the live market, you get to know what the broker is good for and what it is not. So, I think you can start with any of the brokers that have low deposit requirements and change them if you don’t like anything about them.


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With the real trading services a trader can at least expect to be a player with definite and consistent profit stream. Thereby by keeping my trading needs in my mind, I have selected my suitable trading platform ForexChief and it is ensuring me lowest zero spread, moderate leverage of 1:1000, capital security though proper regulations and yes, full time professional guidelines. I am also receiving easier admittance to market in exchange of lower commission rate here.


@Zeitgeist Hey, I am looking for low spreads and easy withdrawals. Do you think finprotrading is a good option for me? I am testing two other brokers also but would love to add more brokers to my list for better decision.
@roseemi - I advise you to consider the following:

- Choose a broker with good regulation.
- An important condition is to accept payment methods suitable for you.
- Take a good look at the withdrawal procedure. Some brokers accept credit cards or bank transfers for deposits, but for withdrawal offer only PayPal or crypto. So it's very difficult to withdraw your money without lots of big transfer taxes.
- I also prefer brokers with a fixed amount of spread.
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