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Hi, all traders, wherever you are, this time I will discuss about good signals for you who are confused about how to be consistent in making profits on forex and are confused about learning your own analysis.

The signals that I share here are the best signals that have been selected from the millions of signals from traders around the world who are gathered in one of the famous forex communities, namely This signal can be copied directly to your account starting from $ 30USD only.

  1. North East Way by Pavel Udovichenko (Russia)

North East Way itself is a signal from the Robot made by the developer itself with the same name. The robot itself is selling for 1,129 USD at MQL5. This signal is a cheaper alternative than buying the robot or for testing before buying the robot, this North East Way signal is sold for only 30USD to be copied directly to your account.

What are the advantages of this signal so that it deserves to be a recommendation for all of you?


With an average profit of 10% per month, this is certainly a good choice for trader friends who are still often minus or cut losses due to unstable performance. Steady growth can be one of the important things in trading


A trade profit percentage above 70% is good for a signal among professional traders. With the stable use of lots, profit is an outcome that its subscribers can have.


With the high percentage of Algotrading, it is certain that this signal is a pure result of the robot. Using the robot itself can make us calmer because it uses good analysis and is not affected by the trader's mental condition if played manually.

But keep in mind that behind the features above, of course there are also risks or drawbacks that we should know before subscribing to this signal.


The method used is similar to the martingle, the only difference is this signal is to double the lot when opening the next position. As we know the martingle method is a method that multiplies the lot when opening a new position in the pair, which hopes that the price will return to its original position so that it can achieve even a little profit. This method carries a big risk if the price chart continues to go against the direction of the position we opened. However, if the chart reverses and supports the initial position and makes a profit, the entire position will certainly be a big profit for all of you


With a Drawdown or DD reaching 40% this can be a problem for some traders who have small deposits. Therefore, as an initial requirement for copying this signal, the author suggests that the initial minimum deposit of 3000USD is to be more stable and maximal in performance.

So many reviews for one of the best signals on, waiting for the next post, we still have some good signal recommendations for all of you.

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I also have noticed that something is happening to the market. I am trading for a long period and if there were some changes, they were minimal or predictable. Now because of the pandemic of the COVID-19, a lot of things changed. A lot of companies bankrupt and a lot of companies became rich especially pharmaceutical companies. That is why nowadays I consult myself a lot with forex signal providers, sometimes I need to have a person that has the same opinion as me to be sure if to invest in that domain. Forex is my second source of income, but I don't want to lose it.
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There is info how to get it in pdf


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