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commissions associated with the spread


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Are there any additional costs or commissions associated with the spread? I mean mention your brokers' factor that made you to choose them.
Spread is the difference between ask and bid price and it's a commission taken by brokers from traders in exchnage for opening evrey single trade.
Yes, spread is associated with commission. Spread is the difference between ask and bid price and it indirectly refers to commission. Lower spread is expected. Eurotrader charges narrow trading spread to traders.
Try to set your target according to support and resistance level. Please don't ignore the strong resistant levels above your pattern; when it's broken because of sell pressure , just follow that trend!
No, there are no additional fees or commissions, and when picking a broker, I look at a variety of things, including the availability of customer service around the clock, length of service, and swap-free accounts.
Any broker has spreads or commissions. The company earns its own profit. The only difference will be in their sizes. Tight spreads are important. For example, on an ECN account (EUR/USD) the spread is from 0 pips, from $1.5 per standard lot in Fxopen.
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