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common mistakes


New member
guys I bring this query in this forum to ask you "What are some common mistakes that beginners often make in forex trading, and how can they be avoided?"
and kknow what others exprienced?


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There is so many beginners mistake that could happen in early trading real accounts. Commonly included:

-Lack of discipline.
-Impatience, cut small profits, and let the loss run.
-Fear of missing out.
-No plan trading.
-Reckless trading.
-Many doubt, less confidence.

How to avoid this is with build up a good mindset and more practice trading, having a goal business, planning the business, learning from all mistakes, and keeping the spirit to learn.


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Common mistakes beginners make in forex trading include lack of education, overtrading, ignoring risk management, chasing the market, and not using stop loss orders. To avoid these, educate yourself, develop a trading plan, practice on demo accounts, seek mentorship, and keep a trading journal. Learn from others' experiences but remember that your journey is unique. Stay disciplined and adapt your strategies based on your own observations.
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