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Crypto debit card that is set to take the crypto scene by storm

Michael Bernard

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❖ New crypto debit card is set to rival the giants and take the crypto scene by storm...and you could benefit in more than one way.

There is a dire need for accessibility if cryptocurrency is to gain traction in the battle for mainstream adoption. Here is one company that is set to release one of the best debit card systems to date. This Mastercard has been created by INTEGRITY PAY LTD and is useable worldwide anywhere a MasterCard is accepted. One of the biggest barriers in the current systems available is who can get the card.

Anyone can apply to get an Integrity card worldwide, with the exception of certain sanctioned countries. This alone puts the potential for this card above some of the biggest names in the space. But what is so special about this card?

Mastercard debit card - Accepted anywhere a master card can be used worldwide.

Converts Cryptocurrency at point of sale - This means you do not need to convert any cryptocurrency, simply send the currency into the wallet like any other transfer and spend with the card. All the conversion to fiat and sending to the merchant happens for you. Simple, easy, and efficient. And if you decide not to spend the cryptocurrency just yet you can leave it in the wallet as a cryptocurrency or send it back to a wallet of your choice!

Accepts over 200 cryptos across blockchains - Most current systems accept only a few coins or tokens. Integrity's ever-expanding of accepted tokens and coins across blockchains sets them apart. Not only does this give users immense choice to spend the currency of their liking but also increases the likelihood of adoption when cryptocurrency investors can spend their favorite tokens with ease and speed.

Users worldwide can apply – Allows Integrity's card to be adopted on a scale larger than other available options in the market at the moment. Giving them a very serious competitive edge and drawing more eyes to the card.

Cashback – As we all come to expect cashback is available depending on the package you choose. But the cashback isn't paid in a coin that could lose its value overnight but is paid in fiat. That means the cashback you get is true cashback and far more stable and usable in any way you see fit.

Revolutionary features and bonuses – A revolutionary auto trading feature that sets up a trade every time a spend on the card meets the criteria. This trade is in the same currency that was spent but the best part is you can't lose. Any loss is covered by the company meaning you can only win. You can earn when you spend. Depending on the package you can get great discounts on your favorite streaming platforms and hospitality and leisure.

But the best part is yet to come. Those who also have bought the product Integrity Coin token on the Binance smart chain will have the opportunity of receiving even more! With a revolutionary feature in the smart contract, Integrity aims to send prizes in the form of BUSD, a Binance-pegged stablecoin, to those holding the token. So not only can you earn from the trading tax that distributes BUSD to holders, but you will also be in with a chance of earning prizes and the prizes will likely increase in line with the company profits!

Please note that trading in cryptocurrency is a risk and may result in loss of funds. If you buy Integrity Coin you are not buying a share of a company. When, how often, and how much of a prize is distributed will be entirely up to the business and the amount received will directly correlate to the size of your holding.

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