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EURO - Price can bounce up to resistance line in falling channel


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EURO - Price can bounce up to resistance line in falling channel.png

Hi guys, this is my overview for EURUSD, feel free to check it and write your feedback in commentsđź‘Š

After price bounced from resistance line it declined below $1.0760 level to support line.

But at once price bounced up and rose higher than $1.0760 level.

Then Euro reached resistance line again, made correction to support line, and bounced up to resistance area.

Thereby price breaking resistance level, but soon Euro declined below this level.

Next, price made bounced up to resistance area again and then started to fall in falling channel.

Inside channel price broke $1.0990 level and a not long time ago $1.0760 and now trades near in support area.

Possibly Euro can bounce up from support area and start to rise to $1.0800 resistance line inside channel.

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