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FF News: Bitcoin SA and Forex SA


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Bitcoin SA and Forex SA, ‘get set,’ for dollar buying,
reports The Omar Abdulla Group.

by Mustafa Mohammed
(14 January 2020) Bitcoin SA and Forex SA are jet set for another solid
season this January 2019, with the current President Trump impeachment
campaign, the recent freshness off the new year, and The South African Rand,
becoming stronger against all major currencies.

Speaking to The Saturday Star, The “Wolf of Wall Street,’ Mr. Omar Abdulla says that
the dollar is ready to appreciate within the current year, with strong investments into
shares including Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, Apple, Ferrari, Trump Construction, and
other indices and instruments.
“If you were to look at the yearly chart we would anticipate strong returns from these
companies, hedging with European currencies and markets.’

On a hot Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles, Abdulla is said to have arrived within the week,
meeting with executives from Instagram SA and Facebook SA, shelving these companies,
with investments into Bitcoin SA and Forex SA.
‘We anticipate the price of Bitcoin, reaching above $10, 000 in March 2020, and could reach
It’s 2018 high of $21000-00.’ noted an actuary from Times of New York.

The New York Times reported that although all Republican voters will vote for
President of The United States, Mr. Donald Trump, to remain as president for
the s e c o n d term, the rand will get stronger breaking R12-00 to dollar by
June 2020.
‘The rand is said to get stronger with stronger economics from South Africa,
the election of President Ramaphosa and better job opportunities in the
country.’ wheeled an MTN Ceo.

Abdulla who took pictures with The Muslim Times, growled that
"The Omar Abdulla Group,' was now focused on building $10 000 accounts
for trading Forex, Bitcoin, and other financial instruments on their platform.
“Our platform allows free training to companies and individuals who trade with us, or invest…’
The Omar Abdulla Group is South Africa's fastest growing company, with investments into
Bitcoin SA, Forex SA, Google SA, Footprints Filmworks, Travel Things, Muslim Things, News of
SA, and other properties of investment, jotted Goodreads.

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Footprints Filmworks. The Omar Abdulla Group
Omar Abdulla



Billionaire Businessman, Omar Abdulla ‘set to arrive,’ in Los


(10 January 2020) Billionaire Businessman, Mr. Omar Abdulla is set to arrive

in Los Angeles this afternoon, after meeting with executives in

Miami for the un-bundling of Instagram SA and Facebook SA on their share sheets.

“These companies are now causing major losses for The Omar Abdulla Group, and our

aim is to sell these shares back to the holding company, with the purchase of new found

applications including Tik Tok SA and Likee SA.’ groomed a spokesperson for Footprints


Abdulla who invested over three years ago in these shares says that the

market is now saturated after Facebook had purchased Instagram and WhatsApp.

“After Facebook had purchased these companies, we knew it was just a matter of

time, before we see Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp fall.’ looped a South African


Acting Ceo of Instagram SA, Mz. Mishka Dawood who spoke to The Laudium Daily, cooled

that The Omar Abdulla Group was one of South Africa’s fastest growing companies, and

sees the company investing into more secure investments including the insurance and

finance industries.

“If you were to Google the companies breaking headlines they would probably be your

Albarakha Bank, Naspers, Prime Media and Footprints Filmworks.’


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Footprints Filmworks. The Omar Abdulla Group
Omar Abdulla

However, the icy cold Los Angeles weather has not been too friendly for Mr. Abdulla as
him and his wife, had to make bitter decisions regarding the release of Instagram SA and
Facebook SA.
“These social media companies just want to take control of the market by introducing
new strict policies including hiding likes and creating fake robotic software that will eventually kill
the algorithm of the media.’ kissed a Brits resident.

Concluding his remarks to The Los Angeles Times, Abdulla pooled that he was excited to have that
extra free time and money to invest into shares that will grow beyond market dividends.
The Omar Abdulla Group “Shells,’
Instagram SA and Facebook SA,
‘Eyeing,’ new market shares…??

by Azizah Ebrahim

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The Omar Abdulla Group.
The Omar Abdulla Group. Footprints Filmworks.

Omar Abdulla
(6 January 2020) The New Year has just begun and billionaire companies including investment company The Omar Abdulla Group will now be shying away from social media companies including Instagram SA and Facebook SA, the companies that The Omar Abdulla Group owns.

“We see a more lucrative return in the production of film-making including distribution on cinema levels and other formats. The company sees distribution through DVD format still a lucrative option with large investments being ‘pulled out,’ the social media companies.’

Abdulla, who became the f i r s t billionaire in South Africa at age 35, now sees opportunities in the insurance and finance sectors.

‘We are working on getting certain license agreements so that we may allow lucrative trading on our platforms. The other companies that we own including Bitcoin SA and Forex SA, see opportunities with new president elect, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa.’ added a spokesperson.

Other people to spoke to City News cooled that Mr. Omar Abdulla is well-known for making fast returns for investors and should consider running for President of SA, in coming years.

“He has the leadership and management qualities for running as South African president, and together with his personality attributes, his personal skills and knowledge about the presidency, he should be an interesting match for future candidates.”

Top advertisers for The Omar Abdulla Group for 2019 include Ajmer Butcheries, Footprints Filmworks, Footprints SA Investments, Forex SA, Bitcoin SA, Prestige Motors, Superb Olivetti, D’lish, Akhalwayas, Pick ‘n Pay, Sedgars, Outsurance, Future Fin, Laudium Sun, Lenasia Times, Radio 702, Ster-Kinekor, CII Radio, Nu Metro, Zizi’s Creations, Sunday Sun, Amla Accountants and Kcarrim.

“These advertisers have stood by Abdulla’s side and are planning to re-new their contracts with the group.’ leaped a financial wizard.

Whilst many businesses in South Africa expect Abdulla’s investment on relative companies in South Africa and internationally, he has stood tall on investing big, and knowing when to withdraw from the markets.

Abdulla who started at the tender age of 18, investing into small to medium companies sees media as a good investment, finance and business as good investments and other ‘new companies,’ as the future of South Africa.

“Invest your time and wealth into the right companies to extend market share growth.’ he seeped.

Concluding his remarks to CNN, Abdulla says that the future investment of his company will be to unbundle Instagram SA and Facebook SA, and replace these companies with more stable returns.

“We feel the market has been saturated with social media investment, and will now focus on longer term social engines including Youtube SA and Google SA.’

“The market is just too young on the younger search engines and we believe that we can earn much more on more mature social networks and investments, as these are where the customers are.’ he concluded.


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“Wet Markets,’ said to re-open as Covid 19, APEX looms, says
The Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. Omar Abdulla…??
by Fatima Noormahomed

(27 April 2020—Sunday Times) The Wolf of Wall Street,
Mr. Omar Abdulla
who spoke from his Beijing home this afternoon,
looped that China has been
opening up slowly with markets starting to see-saw
the Covid 19 pandemic.

“China is opening up slowly whilst the rest of the
world is coming out of
lockdowns and recessions. The Apex of the world
curve is still plateauing,
yet residents are still complaining of depression,
social abuse, and the
brill of not mingling with society.’

The World Health Organization (WHO) faces criticism
from The United States,
South Korea, Italy and Japan after helping hide the numbers
from China initially.
“The United States is withdrawing funding from WHO,
as more countries tend to
claim that WHO director, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,
should resign, amid
the Corona Virus.'

China Daily reported that although the world is slowly
coming out off the lockdowns,
The Chinese wet markets are already starting to open.
“The Virus will just keep on coming back. The Virus originated
from wild animals yet
China fails to learn from their lessons by infecting the world.’

Across the w o r l d, markets are see-sawing awaiting the
‘flattening of the curve,’ with
buyers trying to find the bottom.

“We are looking at buying blue-chip companies at less than
50% of the value less than
three months ago. Our eyes are on companies,
South African Airways, China M0bile,
Vodacom, Pfizer, Sasol, Shell, Primedia Broadcasting,
Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bloomberg,
Shoprite and Wallmart.’
Meanwhile, Microsoft Founder, Mr. Bill Gates noted
that a vaccine was
‘soon on the cards,’ after pharmaceutical companies
were investing into
testing people who had the virus and the testing of

“Hopefully, these treatments could work to fight
against the virus and people
are credited by using these treatments to fight the virus.’

The Omar Abdulla Group which owns shares into Bitcoin SA,
Forex SA, Twitter SA
and Instagram SA, says that his company was eyeing
investments into social media,
energy companies and pharmaceutical shares.
“We are all coming out of our stay at home curfews and markets
will recover this depression
and recession, still remaining verily cautious whilst buying
into these companies.’

President Trump concluded his statement to The New York Times,
that China is to blame for this
‘horrible, terrible,’ virus as the wet markets start to open, Unbelievable!


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