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If you are new at forex market, you should know all the rules and regulation of forex market. On the other hand you should also know the basics of forex trading. Without knowing the rules and basics, it will be quite tough for you to trade in forex market. As a new trader you can open a demo account under any broker. In that demo account you can learn the basics of forex trading. You can also know about the rules of the forex market. Demo account is fully risk free. It is the best option to know about the forex trading practically. I also used a demo account of TP Global FX, when I was a new trader. After learning all the techniques of forex market from them, I enter into their live account. I am currently trading with them.

Michael Ali

There are many resources to learn about Forex trading like you can use forums blogs and social sites but I use only the FreshForex broker's daily newsletter as they prepare it by this finance advisor only where some blogger just spin their article from another source.

Jhon Dumani

Trading requires a lot of knowledge. It is not possible to make a profit without trading knowledge. There must be a loss in trading and we have to learn from this loss. I practiced the demo for 6 months when I joined the trading as a new trader and during this demo practice, I did a lot of research on trading. I used the demo account of Forex4you at first to know the basics, Still, now I am trading under this broker.
Forex trading is the most famous and profitable business in the world. Anyone can start trading and earn a lot of money from the forex market if they have strong knowledge about forex. A reliable broker and strong knowledge can easily make you earn a lot of money from the forex market. I trade with Eurotrader. They are one of the best brokers I have ever worked with. They never make disappointment to their client.
Forex broker help trader to earn maximum profits from forex market. If you want to start trading then you should choose a reliable broker first. If you trade with a scam broker then there’s less chance of earning profits from the forex market. Selecting a reliable broker is not an easy task though. My broker Tpglobalfx is very helpful and reliable. They never make disappointment to their client. They are one of the best brokers I have ever worked.
Forex Online Business A good community is needed to make good money from that business. People have different views on the Forex market. If you want to trade, you have to have many types of traders' sets. It is possible to get rid of unexpected losses. As a trader, I always try to maintain a good community. The community that often teaches me Forex. If this community is maintained in trading, it is possible to make a lot of profit.