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Forex becoming so popular since the new digital era using the internet, its about since the 2000s, many people learn forex because this is included one online business, working from home in front of a computer or laptop, and making transactions over the counter using the trading platform provided by the broker, manage time for trading needed when trader they treat as part-time even full time.

One advantage forex trading business market is open 24/5 days, a week, even in the crypto market open 24/7 days, which means money never sleeps. However, traders need to keep healthy and manage time for trading accordingly, where trader need to sleep.

There are so many ways traders analyze the market, one lesson in forex education is about chart patterns, there are so many chart patterns that may be formed by the market.

We must Focus to see the Light!


Top 10 Chart Patterns

Understand in Details and Get the Answers from the Experienced Forex Traders and FXOpen Forum Members.

Learn Forex Trading with FXOpen Forum

Money management in forex trading has a high role in success, many experts always suggest trading-based money management, but maybe some traders still felt complicated about how to calculate money management in trading.

There's No Elevator To Success


Learn Effective Money management

Understand in Details and Get the Answers from the Experienced Forex Traders and FXOpen Forum Members.

Learn Forex Trading with FXOpen Forum

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Our Advantages

  • For the first time in the Forex industry – cryptocurrency trading with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, EOS, NEO, Bitcoin Cash
  • Trading accounts to suit every level of experience and investment – ECN, STP, Crypto, Micro
  • The industry's most competitive spreads - from 0 pips
  • Minimum deposit – from $1
  • Advanced price aggregating ECN technology
  • Maximum leverage up to 1:500
  • A wide selection of fast and reliable payment options
  • A vast network of regional offices and representatives
  • FXOpen Help
  • The latest economic news, professional market analyses and a Forex calendar
  • Monthly and daily account statements
  • Ultra-fast execution
  • Your choice of trading strategy
  • 100+ Markets offered
  • 16+ Years of Experience
  • 3 Trading Platforms - TickTrader, MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5
  • 50+ FX Spot CFDs
  • 25+ Cryptocurrency CFDs
  • Shares CFDs
  • Index CFDs
  • Spot Metals CFDs
  • Commodity CFDs


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FXOpen ACTIVE Members Contest - Season 5


FXOpen is happy to announce FXOpen ACTIVE Members Contest! - Season 5

About FXOpen ACTIVE Members Contest

Dear Forex traders,

Foreign Exchange market is a rewarding as well as challenging market for both new and aspiring Foreign Exchange traders. You are invited to take part in the FXOpen ACTIVE Members Contest of FXOpen Markets!

The Contest is about being an ACTIVE Member of the FXOpen Forum during the period of the contest.

Being an ACTIVE Member of the FXOpen Forum has many Advantages:

  • Knowledge about the Forex Markets
  • Discussion with Experienced Traders
  • Updates about Technical Analysis
  • Better Trading Results
  • Increased Profits


There are 5 main prizes in the competition, making a total of US$120:

1st placeUS$40
2nd placeUS$30
3rd placeUS$25
4th placeUS$15
5th placeUS$10

Read contest rule here
Dear Sir!

Welcome to the Weekly Newsletter for Active Traders: 09th May, 2022 :)


You can read the Weekly Newsletter for this week in the Forum.

In case of any questions, please contact our Global Support Team.

If you have any suggestions, comments or requests about forum activity, please contact the Forum administration or write to the Moderator of your Country.

Kind Regards,
FXOpen Forum Administration

Real ECN Trading with FXOpen


By opening a ECN trading account with FXOpen, you’ll be able to trade CFDs in:

  • Forex - the conversion of one currency into another;
  • Commodities - he exchange of assets – metals and energy– based on the price of a physical product such as gold or oil;
  • Shares - where you buy and sell stocks in publicly listed companies;
  • Indices - the trading of a group of shares within a certain sector or niche;
  • Cryptocurrencies - where you buy and sell the underlying coins or speculate on their price movements via CFD trading.

FXOpen ECN advantages:
  • By aggregating the liqudity of multiple LPs and feeding the aggregated raw price further to the clients, FXOpen is able to offer tighter spreads and better execution that otherwise available to retail clients.
  • The spread is floating and depends on market conditions.
  • Market execution with no last look is available to all FXOpen ECN participants.
  • Transparent and equal trading conditions for all clients.

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