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GOLD: what AWAITS it in 2023?


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After years period of declining annual CPI, it skyrocketed this year, with inflation reaching highs in most developed countries. The problem has been particularly acute in Europe, where the consumer price index exceeded 10 percent due to disruptions in energy supplies caused by the war. While price pressures are easing, they may remain a key factor to watch next year. 2020 was a record year of fiscal and monetary stimulus, and as a result, 2022 saw interest rates soar as central banks now struggle in vain to control high inflation.

As we approach next year, the factors that drove the markets in 2022 will also be important to gold's role next year. Rising recession fears and inflation, falling real estate prices, and declining cryptocurrency prices all support the case for gold as it regains its position as a safe haven asset and diversification tool. Perhaps the dominant factor will be the dynamics of the stock market, because gold often shows good results in periods of falling stock markets.

Traders, if you liked this idea or if you have your own opinion about it, write in the comments. I will be glad 👩‍💻


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Hey there! I totally agree with your post about gold's role in the markets next year. It's definitely a smart move to consider investing in gold, especially with all the uncertainty in the stock market and other economic factors. I personally started investing in gold after reading about the gold IRA rules and regulations on altinvestor.net. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could add gold to my retirement portfolio and potentially protect my savings from market volatility. I definitely recommend others to do their research and consider adding gold to their portfolios as well. Cheers!
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