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Have you become a millionaire by trading forex and starting with nothing?


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I’m going to Anon for a few reasons:

1. I don’t want people messaging/following me, and asking me direct questions about how to make money trading.

2. More importantly, I really want people to decide for themselves, if what I’m writing is true or not; I want people to make a decision, on what they think is correct, instead of believing it’s correct because someone who is successful or rich said it was.

So here’s the answer:

Yes I have, but… You have to know what you’re doing.

FX trading, or any kind of trading (stocks, futures etc), is one of the most uncertain, complex, secretive and competitive professions in the world.

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It’s a complete joke, the amount of “traders” there are, who publicly sell you on a trading strategy or trading signals bullshit. This trading racket is not easy.

1. You have traders, who are PHDs in mathematics/computer science/psychics.

2. You have traders, who have decades of experience and have worked for 7–10 hours a day (including weekends) on creating strategies, and becoming better traders.

3. You have HFT traders, who use Microwave towers to send information about orders to exchange because fiber optic cable is too slow (information travels faster in the air).

4. You have traders, who use NASA satellite technology, to measure how many cars are parked outside retail chain stores (because that will correlate to the amount of customers, and therefore, the final price of a stock).

You’re competing against all of that.

Don’t ever let someone tell you that FX trading is easy or simple. It is not. It’s the largest market in the world, yet it’s totally fragmented.

You want to get good data for back-testing? Be prepared to get yourself into a world of hurt. Data reliability/consistency in FX trading is a fucking joke. Every vendor for tick-data will give you completely different data, since they obtain it from their own market making sources. From there, you’ll need to learn about machine learning optimization, just for ensuring the data is reliable (you want ECN-dark pool data).

For me, I personally went through the algorithmic route for FX trading. I learnt about all kinds of mathematics, computer science, and psychology. If you, yourself, want to be successful in trading, you need to understand that you’re competing against teams of traders.

There are so many things to learn about this profession, it’s ridiculous.

I’ll give you a daunting list of some of the subjects that I became familiar with:

Pure mathematics, mass psychology, convolution neural networks, artificial intelligence, ergodic/entropic risk, risk aversion modelling, game theory, chaos theory, High Frequency Trading, liquidity provision, liquidity taking, iceberg orders, predatory trading, price impact functions, price evolution, stochastic processes, martingales, market agent arbitrage, asset correlation arbitrage and instrument correlation arbitrage.

And those are only subjects that are strategy related! (I’m probably missing quite a few from that list too).

Technically speaking, it is possible to become a millionaire trader out of “nothing”. All of the information I’ve given you, can be learnt for free on the internet (for the most part). If you’re referring to “nothing”, as like little starting capital, then yes it is statistically impossible, for you to make a million dollars from a small amount of capital.

If you devote the time, energy and desire to succeed, you can find a way to get enough capital. The most important step, is to become educated, then, you start trading.
Thanks for Reading!
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