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Hi am new here

Hi am new here

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Hello, welcome to the forum. Tell us more about you. Avoid scalping completely in the initial stage of trading, it’s risky. It needs a lot of knowledge, experience, and expertise and is suitable for experienced traders.
Hi there, welcome to the family! How is it going so far? This forum is a great help if you have any concerns. Do share! Best of luck.


Hello, there are a lot of strategies other than scalping that work great for beginners. You don’t have to take big risks when you are yet to get well versed with the basics of the market.


Hello there, warm welcome to the forum. Be patient and learn before you make any moves. Do share any concerns, if you have any. Good luck!


Hello. As a beginner, focus on learning and practising as much as you can. Don’t become greedy. All the best.


Hello and welcome to the forum. I am new here as well but not a novice trader though. Hope that you are learning well. My humble advice to a beginner would be to pay at most attention to risk management and take your time to grow your account. Good luck!
Trading forex isn't as simple as it looks. As a beginner, you might find forex to be complex and difficult to trade and you might need to put in your energy into expanding your market expertise.
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