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Hi to All Members


Active member
Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing more about your experience as a trader and I am sure you can also learn a lot by being a part of this community.
Andrei, please accept my greetings. You'll make a few trader friends here. You are welcome to share your tips and tricks because you have gained valuable experience.


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Hello Andrei! I'm sure you have some knowledge to contribute here then! Look forward to seeing you around on the forum.


Hello, Andrei. You are most welcome in the forum. Please share your knowledge and experience. We'd be delighted to learn from you.


Hi Andrei! Welcome to this forum. I look forward to hearing valuable tips from you, especially with this golden 10 year of knowledge!


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Welcome to the forum, appreciate your experience of more than 10 years in fx trading.
I also already knows trading forex since roughly 2009, I am not trading binary options but focus on forex using FXOpen ECN broker.
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