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How real and profitable is Forex trading?


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Very real and over 90%, way over 90% lose money. I am one of the profitable ones. Everyone here blowing their own horn…be sceptical they are likely looking for a grubstake to trade on. Did I start out profitable? No, its a learned skill that takes a lot of work. I do not use indicators. They do not work reliably.

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I trade price action and the bottom line is the most important skill is risk management. Anyone can do thois if you develop the patience to manage your own emotions as well as your money. I dont want your money, I don’t want to trade your money and I’m living proof its possible to be profitable in FX.

FX is a negative sum game because you start out down on literally every trade because of the spread it costs to place a trade. However, you control 3 things 1. where you get in. 2. Where you get out and 3. How large a position you put on. If I may use Poker as an analogy. Every trade you put on can be from the position of being dealt Ace, Ace to begin with.

You can still lose the trade even though you started with a favorable opportunity but it's likely you will not remember there are not 9 other players at the table. In Fx it's just your economy vs one other economy. The edge can be far greater than the value of the spread…as long as you educate yourself on waht is your trying to do.
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