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Importance of demo


Demo is a necessary when you are new. Demo trading is important if you know how to use it. No matter you are new or old traders. If you are old traders you must know with a single strategy you can not make profit all the time. We need to change according to the market condition. To test your strategy demo account is the best place. You can't lose money by testing on live account.
One of the most important forex strategy is to think with your mind not with your heart. Emotion can put you in danger in forex market. Another strategy is to pick up a broker which gives a lot facilities in the trading. I use Tpglobalfx for their low spreads, dynamic leverage and quick customer service. They provide tight spreads starts from 0.01 pips. Their maximum leverage is 1:500. They give me 24X5 customer service. So, in my trading career they play an important role.
If anyone wants to enter into the forex market, he should gather knowledge about the trading and the market. Without getting full knowledge about the market, it is quite tough to trade and invest in forex. So, A newcomer can get all the information and knowledge practically by using the demo account of any broker.
Demo account helps a trader to know about the market quite perfectly. I was also using demo account of TP Global FX broker before entering into the real market of forex. It is very helpful to understand all things about the market. We can set the leverage and the starting amount in their demo account. It helps a new comer to know the forex precisely.