Is forex day trading the same as gambling?


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In gambling, you stake your money in the hope that you will win. You don't know how that is going to work out and who will win. Gambling is based on unrealistic hopes and you have more chance for the aeroplane to hit you. Forex day trading is more like playing a casino if you have poor risk management or if you size your trades higher than what you can afford, you are gambling.

Success in Forex day trading is fully based on knowledge, research, training, and experience. To be a successful trader, you can't think like a gambler. Forex day trading is a serious business. Traders invest a lot of time and effort before they become consistently profitable.

A successful Forex day trading venture begins with proper Forex education, and this can be achieved by taking an online Forex course, getting involved in forum activities, watching YouTube videos, or picking up information from a reputable source.

Original Article: Forex Day Trading For A Living: An Ultimate Guide

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In gambling we bet something we can lose (money) in hope of gaining something we don't have (money). In forex day trading, we study the market and then anticipate the market movement in hope of gaining pips. Traders can manage their risks unlike a gambler.
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