Is it better to invest or save money?


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I see investment and savings as synonymous to each other in many ways.

If you save in a bank, what is the level of risk of that bank? A safer bank provides lower interest - so it would be a low-risk, low-return investment for you.

If you decide to save with a credit union that pays higher interest rate but has a smaller balance sheet with less diversified portfolio and thus possesses a higher risk (market or operational), then you are making a relatively higher risk by looking at higher returns the credit union will.

So I would rephrase your question as, “how to balance between risk and return?”

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And my answer would be this:
How precious is this amount of money to you? How badly would it hurt your plans if this money were totally gone? If it is a savings amount that is disposable of, feel free to take relatively higher risk - expect higher returns.

Of course, always calculated, informed and in investment avenues you are familiar with!

But if the sum is needed for something specific, or you have plans to use it in near/far future or if this is your basic savings for financial security - then investment in zero or low-risk instruments - savings account, certificate of deposit, government bonds, etc.

Hope this helps.
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