Is the 101% bonus good for you?

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I don’t think there is really anyone who will dislike bonuses but it is very important to have it from a company that could be relied and trusted upon. So this is where I find it very cool from FreshForex broker, where they offer 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus to help with. The biggest advantage is the system of it which comes with no restrictions at all.
The bonus can always be useful if you don't have your own money to trade. Do not abuse bonuses, as this can lead to the loss of your own money.
I'm not sure whether a 101% Forex bonus is good for you or not. But one thing is for sure, you should never employ any trading strategy just to cash out the bonus. The main concept here is to choose a bonus that fits your trading strategy, rather than adapting your strategy to the bonus. Once you select such a bonus, cashing it out will be rather easy.

Moreover, no matter how good the offered bonuses are, always remember that choosing a reliable forex broker comes first. You need to only open an account and make a deposit with a broker that you trust, whose platform is easy to use and trades are executed smoothly, and whose conditions you find favourable. Read the AximTrade review to find out the benefits of trading with a regulated forex broker.
In my opinion getting a bonus is good as it increases your trading margin. Many brokers provide 100% deposit bonus to traders like;
  • Coinexx (100% deposit bonus)
  • JustForex (120% deposit bonus)
  • Lqdfx (100% bonus)
  • Trader’s way (100% bonus)
In my opinion, if you do not have enough funds, then it is better to use a cent account and trade with your own money, rather than work off bonuses. A very good cent account is provided by ForexChief broker. I started my trading journey with this account.
Bonuses are always great, but good to be true ones make me suspicious. I don't see any broker just giving away things for free, even if it does attract clients. I think they make up for it somewhere else, in hidden fees or higher costs. The bonus might even be there to take attention away from unfavorable conditions. What good is a $30 bonus if the broker charges $7 for withdrawals, plus higher commission and spreads? It just eats away the bonus money and puts you in the hole.
Taking a bonus or not depends upon the traders themselves, usually bonus given by the brokers has certain rules in terms and conditions, maybe some beginners miss out on the rules and are just interesting to take the bonus, but they can't make money from bonus itself.
If you are a newcomer and you can take a no deposit bonus, then why not? I myself once started my acquaintance with forex with no deposit bonuses from Robofoerx and ForexChief. I do not see anything bad in it.
Then I traded on cent accounts for a long time and later I traded on standard account.
A bonus can be helpful to those with less trading capital. I receive a 100% bonus on every fresh deposit with turnkey forex, which allows me to trade bigger positions even with less trading capital.
ForexChief has deposit bonuses, but I honestly admit that I have never traded using deposit bonuses. I use my own funds. When I had no money and was learning to trade, I used a cent account.
I'm not a proponent of trading deposit bonuses.
Bonuses are lucrative. I mean who would mind getting free money to trade. Just check the terms and conditions set by your broker so that you can make an informed decision.
To me, bonuses seem like a bribe that a broker gives you to trade with them. Some traders don’t even check the services and choose brokers blindly just because of their bonuses.
I have traded with several brokers that offer deposit bonuses and trust me; they work great. You do have to fulfill certain criteria but once you have received your bonus, you get to enjoy trading at your own terms.
Only traders who use a trading robot can probably trade with several brokers at the same time. I trade by hand, so I can only keep two accounts. The main one at ForexChief and the second one at Roboforex
I have traded with several brokers that offer deposit bonuses and trust me; they work great. You do have to fulfill certain criteria but once you have received your bonus, you get to enjoy trading at your own terms.

One of the best bonuses going round is the USD 3,500 bonus which you can access here
As long as you are paying attention to what their bonuses are about, you should be fine with that. Have been getting bonus for every deposit i made with fxview (100% deposit bonus basically), so I think they are good to use. Just read the fine print, tho.
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