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Long-term and Short-term Setups

USD/CHF Technical Analysis

~~ The counter has broken off from a falling wedge pattern.
~~ It is now hovering around the broken trendline.
~~ We expect the support zone to arrest any pullback and catapult the prices higher.

AUD/USD Technical Analysis

~~ The counter has been in the declining mode for the last 2 days.
~~ It made an inverse head and shoulder and has broken the neckline.
~~ Further, it has broken the immediate trendline as well.
~~ Hence, we expect the pair to be bullish in the near-term.

EUR/USD Technical Analysis

~~ The counter is maintaining its positive bias by holding the support of the ascending channel.
~~ As the preceding move also steep, the price needs a bullish correction at the least.
~~ Hence, we expect the pair to be bullish for the next few sessions.

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AUD/JPY Technical Analysis

~~ AUD/JPY has bounced off from a supportive trendline.
~~ However, the recent fall has depleted the bullish momentum in the counter its now in a rising wedge formation.
~~ We expect the pair to move to trade with bullish bias.

GBP/USD Technical Analysis

~~ The counter's dynamics have changed drastically this week.
~~ It turned bearish abruptly due to the risk of no-deal Brexit.
~~ And there has been a significant amount of longs trapped.
~~ It broke the support of 1.30100 which is now capping the rally.
~~ We expect the pair to move down significantly as long as the pair stays below this level.

NZD/JPY Technical Analysis

~~ The zone of 71.100-200 proves to be a tough nut for the pair.
~~ Despite multiple attempts, the price is unable to break above it.
~~ Further, the price action has formed an evening action star pattern at the resistance zone.
~~ Hence, we expect the pair to be bearish in the near-term.

NZD/USD Technical Analysis

~~ This counter currently trying to form a wedge formation.
~~ Now, it has formed an ascending triangle with in that & broken to move up further.
~~ Hence, we expect that it will be bullish upto the resistance line.

CAD/JPY Technical Analysis
  • The counter has formed a head and shoulder pattern.
  • It has broken the neckline with a strong bearish candle.
  • We expect the neckline to cap the upswing and push it down from here.
AUD/CAD Technical Analysis

~~ The counter is currently trading around a strong resistance zone that triggered a sell-off previously.
~~ According to the wave, it has now completed the ABC correction for the down move it made.
~~ Further, the entire setup looks like a head and shoulder in the higher timeframes.
~~ Hence, we expect the pair to move down from here to the potential supportive trendline marked in the chart and if it is broken, it could trigger a larger sell-off.