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My journal - Greg Pawlak.

Profesor Pips

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This month begins from loss.
ResultChart_week 18.png

The portfolio of strategies executed 105 transactions, so I would like to show, why trading by portfolio strategies is very good solution. One of my strategy is in drawdown from 02.01.2022, I made a simulation, what happens if you choose one strategy and this strategy will be in drawdown begins from live trading.

Simulation setups

Backtest period: 2005.01.01 - 2022.05.06
Initial capital: 4500 USD
Lot size: 0.09
Max DD: 522.63

EURUSD single strategy.png

Red vertical line on picture show date when original strategy start live trading. As you can see, you can be in drawdown by several months instead of profit, if you are to use one strategy.

Profesor Pips

Well-known member
This week, my portfolio return to drawdown results from 23-th week. This situation clearly show us, how important money management and keep emotions is. What would happen if I doubled my MM in all strategies, as I would like to recover quickly from the last trading week? I would lose what I earned in the last six months.

ResultChart_week 25.png

Don't let emotions (whatever they are) influence the decisions you make.
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