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Professional Forex Signals


Here are forex signals for next week. These are currently on and holding for next week




Target 1.24138 for now Until Further Update




Target @ 1.08961 for now Until Further Update

Join My Skype Forex Group to get this Live as it could be delayed here at times as Signals change fast
And for further Fund Managament Deal

Contact Emails

[email protected]
[email protected]


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Great post with the forex signals for next week! It's always helpful to have a heads-up on potential market movements. A friendly reminder, always make sure to do your own research and not solely rely on signals. And if you're looking for more comprehensive insights on forex trading, check out forexrating.org. They've got all the information on the best forex prop trading firms. I read this information a long time ago and am very satisfied because I learned a lot of valuable things. Good luck with your trades.
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Great post with the forex signals for next week! It's always helpful to have a heads-up on potential market movements.

Thank you and watch the Below ones They are Before and After trades I couldnt Post was too busy with Acts.
Join My Skype Group Join conversation to get further insights or we can Discuss Account Management Deal @

[email protected]
[email protected]

Just to tell you I am Managing a Total of upto 25000$ with min Act @ 3K max Act @ 10K
I am looking for Long Term Partnerships and can Manage excess of 10K Acts easily

Let me know if you are interested


Here are Screenshots of some solid profits achieved last week
Make haste and Join me So that you can have same in your account
We can set a Deal to start as soon as possible



If you scrutinize the Chart you will Clearly see the High Profitability shown there
I refrain to show Account History as Idea or Strategy is leaked
I can provide Investor Password for 14 Days as a Sneak Peek of Trading that would be expected
After that you should Join with a Deal for Profit Transfer Share End of Month to End Of Month

Further Eurusd


Ongoing Trade with Target Set EURUSD SELL at 1.07500



As everybody who is aversed with trading must be knowing that Gbpusd is a hard nut or a tough pair to trade
But here I show profits that you can enjoy too once you settle in a Deal with me

Here is

Further Gbpusd


This is Ongoing Trade with Target set at 1.23984 currently

Further Usdjpy and Usdcad are also traded. You can check out before after trades on Skype or Skype Group

Here are the links and Contact Channels
Contact Me To Know More
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Skype: cid.4420e75e7a4b7bc7
Skype Group: HumpForex Link To Join And Discuss Join conversation

I am Dealing with 10K Plus Accounts. I have a Max Account of 200K too under me
Minimum is 5K However let me know and we can Discuss A Deal
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